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Hi Robin,

Just sending you a quick update on our GSD Hero.  He is a solid 110 Lbs and runs a brisk 3 mile trail with me every morning.  He's smart, protective, friendly, and full of drive.  He is a showstopper wherever he goes and is the meet and greet mascot during shelter adoption days at Petsmart.  Thanks again for a great son of Kody, a running partner, and a member of the family.



Hi, It's Bobby Hanson emailing to say hello. Sasquatch (Sas) has been a tremendous positive addition to mine and Kim's lives. I will send some photos for you to see how she has grown. She is Knicki and Kody's daughter born 4/4/06. We have been through 2 puppy classes with Canine Craze in West Des Moines. (clicker training) As well as 2 Agility Classes. She is very loving and yet protective. Protective especially around dogs she does not know. We are working on that.


I wanted to let you know a couple of weeks ago she developed a small nickle size growth near her rear right paw. The vet took a sample of the fluid inside and said it looks as if there was no cancerous cells within. She said we had two options. The first being antibiotics to see if the growth went down or cutting it out. We opted for the antibiotics first but the growth has stayed approximately the same size. Today she goes in the have it removed. The growth will be sent to ISU Labs for study. I will let you know the outcome of her surgery and the ISU Labs results.


I wanted to keep you in the loop of this situation. Since Kim and I have no kids and do not plan on having any Sas is "Our Child / Baby".

She loves to run and play at numerous cousins properties with their dogs, play fetch with the tennis ball and give kisses. She is for the most part an inside dog at night. During the day weather permitting she is out in our back yard soaking up the sun or chasing squirrells.


You have provided us with a dog Kim and I couldn't be more happy with. Keep up the great work and Thanks!


Lastly it took everything I had to convince Kim took get a dog and now the two have a bond beyond imagine. I am always kidding her about getting another Shepard. Who knows what the future will bring?


Take Care,


Bobby Hanson


 Hi Robin, was just ck you web and noticed you had me down for Stormy and River.  I know you probably forgot, But we had talked about later summer, puppy ready to go August or even if mid July ready to go, and a puppy from KODY , hopefully. but not sure if you are breeding him, but I hope so.

I work seasonal in a nursery and May and June are not good months for me. I just donŐt couldnŐt leave the little guy. 


Anyways Pearl is doing great from Katie and Silvermark,  first of Jan she was 73lbs.  Heres a couple of picture I took today.  She loves to go in the bathroom when the kids are in the tub she loves them.  Pearl is great natured, but is watchful of big men.  What a great girl we just love her.


Let me know what your plans are, I know you said you were not breeding as much.  I really appreciate it and I know you are a busy lady.  God Bless and keep up the great work with the dogs and of course your girls.



Thanks again


Suzanne Smith  (MICHIGAN)

Please Email me or call  (810) 367-6531.  When you know.




Hi Robin-

Just wanted to check in. Romer is wonderful. I couldn't think of anything I would do to change him. He is a great advertisement for Royalair-he impresses people everywhere he goes, because  one he is beautiful and also because he is so calm and relaxed for a 5 month old pup. He still has plenty of energy when we take him out for runs in the yard or the parks.

This Christmas we took him to the Catskills for Christmas. There were 15 of us in the house ranging from 85 to 2, and Romer didn't put a foot wrong the whole 4 days. 

I had him at the vet on Thursday- he is a lean 70 lbs and 24" at the shoulder.I have found a vet who will keep him on an as needed vaccine schedule and he will be neutered somewhere between a year and 18 months. Attached are some pictures of him.

My favorite thing about him is he follows me everywhere I go!

Can you tell me how big River is now? and what about his mom- can't remember her name.