Royalair's Silver Nova (Duke & Treasure )daughter OFA hips DM carrier

NOVA is a DUKE Treasure Daughter and looks it she has her moms color but much larger size and much wider head then her mom.. Her temper is very outgoing but also soft, she does not like to be yelled at And listens very well.. Her willingness to train and do anything you ask is excellent.Her color is very rare dark platinum very true silver sable she has no tan or cream anywhere.. Bred to blade of saber should produce wonderful silver dable and black and silvers with eye circles very much like silver lexus..

At 3.5 years NOVA is now 29" and 95 skinny lbs..Alot bigger then mom! Pictures don't do her justice when people see her in person they are amazed how cool her color is.

Nova will be retired in fall /winter 2018 to a good home I like to retire all dogs by 5 but 6 at the very latest.

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