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Hi Robin,


We purchased one of your pups (Mark and Kate's).  He turned 1 on November 17th, and he is a BEAUTY! We named him Royalair's Shadow Bear.  We call him "Bear."  He literally chases shadows like a cat!  He loves it when the sun shines, and he'll chase our hand shadows across the concrete, often leaping and pouncing with all fours!! He is quite the character: loving, trusting, silly, playful like his dad, and an absolute delight to "talk" with!  I will send a photo soon, I need to develop my film and scan it in (I'm old-style with my camera).  He is black and red, with tan mixed in with silver.  I hoped for more silver, but the red is darkening every week.  He is a beauty with a sleek black coat and the perfect length fur.  He currently weighs 103 lbs.  Funny, he was our pick of the litter, and we were last on the list--turns out, he was the last pick and we got exactly what we wanted.


Hello Robin,


                I just wanted to drop in and wish you and your family a Merry Xmas. Vasser (a Misty and Kody pup) is getting so big, he is the smartest dog I have ever known, he amazes me everyday. Potty training him was a breez too, he loves to go on walks and play in the snow! he is beautiful and we love him so much, I recently saw the working germany shepards here at Offutt AFB and Vasser at five months towers over them, it made me so proud. He loves our children too and just started barking when someone is at our door which I love, that was one of the reasons I wanted him since my husband is in the Army and deployed so much. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dogs.


Amanda Grabruck




Hi!  I was thinking about you and your family, and wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  We can't thank you enough for our gift you gave us of Maverick.  He is a doll, nothing at all like Rocky, but he has his own distinct, wonderful, laid back personality.  His coat is very soft, he's very black, with reddish tan markings, and a very silver gray beard under his chin.  He's getting a little curl down his back, which Rocky also had, but he has his grandfather Marks, and his Daddy, River's trait of carrying sticks around.  Mark would be very proud of his grandson and his sticks.  He keeps running outside and trying to bring in firewood to chew on.  He's beautiful.  Once again, can't thank you enough.  I'll try to get someone whose more computer literate than I am to email you a picture of him. 


Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.


Best Regards,



Brenda, Kirk, Krystal, Brandon,

Maverick, Roxie and Roy Clayton


Hi Robin,

I was looking around your website and really was impressed with Mark. Then I checked his pedigree and knew why. My Tyr is Tiffany's full brother. Now 12+, he also OFA'd excellent.



ooga 12/23/07


Hello, My name is Molly, I have a Cassie and Kody daughter named Tsuga, mainly known as Booga.  I got her from WindyAcres, but is a foster girl for Briarwood Shepherds.  Booga is only 8 months old and is 110 pounds, and 27 in a half inches tall!  Booga isn't fat at all, she is very lean though.  Everyone I've met with her asks if she is full grown, but she is a gentle giant, loves attention, loves to snuggle, and also loves to play!  Booga is very submissive, but knows how to stand her ground when the time comes.  I also have two other German Shepherds which names are VeeGee and Emma.  VeeGee comes from Briarwood Shepherds, and Emma comes from Hannabrit GSD.  I love Kody's markings, he absolutely gorgeos!  I am very proud that Kody and Cassie are Booga's parents and I show everyone what they look like and normally everyone is impressed!  Booga was also was highly trainable, she now is in dog classes right now.  If you have any pictures of her family could you email them to me?  I've reasearched more than 15 generations back, but barely any pics.  Here ar some pictures of Booga now...




As said, I'm sending pics of our new puppy and his new home. We have decided on his name- Royalair's Silverstone Mason. What a joy he is-so sweet and lovable! He has made himself quite at home within the first hour of being here, taking over sleeping spots of our other shepherds- under computer desk and in our king size bed!!!! He is taking alot of puppy naps, but when awake, he is a puffy ball of energy, chasing the kids through the house and trying to catch the the wagging tails of the other dogs. The first picture is of Scott with his princess-Royalair's dutchess Tiki Takota, and Mason. Scott loves your shepherds!!!! I hope you like the pics, and I will keep you updated on Mason- and Takota. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to have such wonderful new family members to love!



hey robin. i just wanted to send you this picture. i got eddie from you about 4 years ago ( royalairs fast eddie) i wanted to let you know hes an awsome dog.he's been really great with katy, my two year old. ive been rather busy with her but he is ready to be certified as a therapy dog. we'll proably do that this spring. hes just really good with eveyone and other animals too. i take him with me to training sessions alot to help socialize other dogs.well, hope all is well with you. i'll send more pictures to you soon. thanks again for such a great dog.

trisha csire

indpls, in



Ms Robin,

 Glory be to God 1st of course, and my trainer Freddie my dog Bob and I earned his CD Title today, one day before he turns 9 months old.  Today was day three of four of trials held here in El Paso by the Las Cruces Dog Club and the Rio Grande Dog Club.  I signed up for all 4 days but he was successful in three so tomorrow I'm just going to be a steward.  We were supposed to go for CGC on 29 Dec but the night before I gave Bob some gravy with his steak and the morning of the 29th he had several ass explosions all over the place so I opted out.  There is another CGC at the end of this month so we're going to attempt it then.  The President of the Rio Grande Dog Club told me yesterday that I had to call you and tell you what a wonderful job you did with Bob's temperment.  She really likes his personality and attitude towards working.  That's saying a lot coming from her because she isn't particularly a shepherd fan.  Bob is doing very well!  We're going to take a couple week break from training and then start back up again.  I'm being stationed in Germany this summer and my trainer trains Schutzund as well so I think we might focus towards that.  Bob loves to sniff so I'm looking forward to the tracking portion very much.  Bob also LOVES bite work!  Believe me that sounds far worse than it is.  Have you ever done Schutzund training with any of your dogs?  As I said Bob loves it but I need to get with more Schtzund folks and talk about it to see if that is the direction I want to go from here.  My concern is changing his temperment.  I want it to stay the same.  My trainer has a two year old GSD that he's been training since very young and that dog is very well behaved.  I have children who have little friends over all the time so I don't need a wild beast.  Obedience and rally are fun I guess but Bob is getting burnt out on left turn right turn halt.  Any advice for dandruff?  When I get my certificate I'll send you a copy.





I know it's been a while since I last emailed you. I just wanted to tell you that Lily (Indy/Magic daughter) is doing great. She loves to go out to my parent's 13 acres in Orange Grove and go swimming in the fish pond. She hunts rats with my sisters' two chocolate labs. She is now almost a year and a half and about 95lbs. I get told every where I take her how beautiful and well behaved she is. She is also great at catching frisbees., She loves to play frisbee for as long as she can catch them. Thank you for such an awesome dog. I sent some pics with this to show how she's grown and how her sable coat has changed as she aged. She's 2 months in the first pic, 3 months in the second and almost a year and a half in the last pic