Royalair's Quincy Kodiak (LEVI & ECHO )click on name to see parents

OFA "GOOD" hips DM normal non carrier

Echo is a riley daughter...

His distant line- breeding is my famous Royalair's Kodiak Bear OFA good hips ,normal elbows dm normal

BIG BOY at 24 months old he is 30"at the shoulder and 124.5 lbs . His Hips are reated by OFA as "good" He will throw dark and light patterns as both parents are light and alot of deep red is in his background so some of his pups will be red or red tans.. with rich pigments he has a lighter eye as well.

Quincy had been easy to train, he is strong and outgoing but gentle enough for my duaghter to do very well in training..protective when he needs to be and loveing to everyone we love

Just a really good boy in temper size and charm...

Picture below at 15 months Have not weighed him for a while but he is BIG


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Melissa and Quincy he is definitly Her dog!

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Quincy at 9 weeks

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Quincy 4.5 months

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4.5 months


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Looking more like great grandpa every day already 100 lbs at 8 months

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at 9 months he has gold brown eyes!

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This one below shows his size at 9 month look at that massive head!


Getting more red with age see below.. pictures at almost one year old...

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Quincy is a tan shepherd but has some red high lights in he legs and behind the ears..Like his dad is getting redder with age.



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