Royalair's Bailey's Irish Cream

Large black and RED. at 29" when she matures she may be a big girl... Excellent hips!.29 /.28& normal elbows, ....German Shepherd a very sweet girl with a medium energy and drive...EMBARK CLEAR...

Bailey is sweet as can be She is goig to be BIG! skinny 85 lbs at 15 months..

. she is 50 % outcross lines, 50 % royalair Levi(line breeding), silver mark , freedom line..

Baily is a lovely large black and red who is just getting redder with age. she also carries for blue, black and white.

latest photo @ 16 months below.

four months

next pics and video at 6 months

Pic at 11 month too excited to put up her ears with her co- owner Ellan !

but the man she is lined on levi for show , she looks alot like him!


look at that face! very tall female at 29"

she got a big wide head but its hard to get a good pic with her ears completely up as she is over at ellans in a big yard and when she see's me she always puts her ears back, she is calm and submissive by nature

8 months..below..


Full Embark vet report!!