Royalair's BigRig's Big Ben C.G.C.

Big calm and beautiful embark completely clear carries for Blue and White , and black and red or tan and silver but will never produce a long coat..

Big Ben Embark.....

pictures at 6 months old- look at that head and bone! Males in his line Freedom, Quincey,Duke and of course BIg Rig is his sire. picture at 9 months.

Ben at 5 months.

Ben at 9 months over a 52" Gait Big boy already not as tall as river but just as heavy over 110 lbs at 9 months.

Ben hang'in with knicki.. at almost 10 months in the photo's below you can see hi clor he is a rare Tri - collor GSD cran silver/white underneath and back side of legs black on back face and tan and even red on his legs.. Ben also has strong ears that were up very early..

this photo below of BEN in the sunset shows his lovely color's better...

Ben has a very nice straight , short back , heavy bone and head you can see it even at 9 months of age. good tight round feet too...

pictures at one year below this picture below shows his strong solid nearly perfect conformation of a (sound german shepherd)

Tight round feet, good hind hock not to angulated, straight shorter back.the longer the back the more the problems.. solid muscle in both hind and front quarters , large head.


the shot below gives you and indicator of his nice large size.. 12 months


13 months look at that head!

13 months



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