BIGRigs N Roses

DM normal , Pen Hip (good) 120 lbs at 2.. see description form his owner below

Bg rig is all of my old lines he has duke, silver mark and kody, levi and well as the great females, Riley & Darby

Big Rig is at stud in Montana, chilled seman may be available ...1200





BigRig DM Clear from VetGen



 Meet the most perfect 120 lb. gentle giant you will ever know.  BigRig is proudly pumping Royalair blood and taking after his iconic dad Freedom. He has a shorter stockier build with thick bone, a straight back, and a huge regal head.  His solid conformation is made complete with the most expressive set of amber eyes that look straight into your soul.  He is built like a stud horse and never had a lanky stage. He has many different daily roles he plays including devoted babysitter, fearless herding cowdog, loyal shopping buddy, serious family protector, top notch obedience class demonstrator, hard working ranch hand, playful ball fetcher, professional snuggler, trusty livestock guardian, goofy costume sporter, all around sidekick, patient big brother, affectionate bed hog and feet warmer, smart student fluent in both German and English, expert swimmer, thorough property inspector, friendly dog park regular, fun loving restaurant frequenter, and also dabbles in taste testing for culinary delights specializing in steak and puppacinnos. 
     I cannot go anywhere quickly with this dog because everywhere we go we are constantly being stopped. People cannot believe how handsome he is, how big he is, and how unbelievably mellow he is. Often he is mistaken for a service dog because of how well mannered he acts. People are shocked when I tell them his age. BigRig has always been an old soul since the day I brought him home. He never got the "puppy stage" that people go through with the chewing and jumping and whining. He has always had a chill, laid back attitude. He was ringing his potty bells within days of bringing him home and graduating his first obedience class a month after I brought him home. He now helps teach the class that he graduated so many times. He goes absolutely everywhere with me and I have never spent a night apart from him. He makes me feel safe whether I am walking with him or he is watching over everyone in the house at night. I live on a big ranch in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and I am no longer scared when my husband is gone. As long as I have BigRig by my side or on my bed, I know he will protect me should he feel the need. Thats what I love about him the most....While he is intimidating to look at, he is a kind and easy going guy. But he is vigilant and brave and if he does sense a threat he will step up.  They say it's not protection if there is no danger and its comforting to know that my dog can tell the difference. He is a quiet dog who really only barks when someone comes to the house that he does not know. As long as we tell him they are friends then he is excited to greet them. He loves meeting other dogs and knows no enemies while out on a walk or at the dog park. If a dog tries to fight with him, he leaves the situation. He will stand up for himself if needed but would much rather not have confrontation. He adores kids and loves to meet new people and visit new places.  He is gentle and respectful with the smallest and largest of animals. He was a dream to train and is the most willing to please dog I have ever owned. He is obedient, honest, and eager to learn more.  He is my shadow and is everything a German Shepherd Dog should be... wise, courageous, loving and trustworthy. He is part of the family and he has an unwavering loyalty to his people.  He is truly the greatest investment I have ever made. The bond is real and the devotion we have to one another is unbreakable. Yes, money can buy you your best friend and your security system all rolled into one. 

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