................Royalair's Silver Blade

Blade is very sweet not a mean bone in his body,.He is on the Calm side , but can be super playfull and energetic when he feels there is play envolved, or a girl of course. Blade has been a long awaited breeding of my lines(shadow/ mark)crossed with an old steel cross line with some old white lines out of the old snowcloud kennels.Blade recieved Good hips on his prelim OFA's. But I made the mistake of taking on for prelims at 6 months and the vet seperated one of his elbows while he was still growing . His Final OFA Good evaluation is below , also below are several pictures of him and his parents & relatives.You can see how tall he is the the photo's ! Blade at 2 years old blade is nearly 32" and a very lean 123 lbs. He will actually look even better at over 130 lbs as you can see his ribs at 123 lbs ..see vet certified weight at very bottom.

Blade at 4.5 months below


blade at 4.5 months

blade photo at 15 months just below

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Blades dad & MOM below

Blades Dad .......Royalair's Silver Falcon......... left and right head shot is patty his mom both parenst are well over 100 lbs.................................................................Patty is now with (secound wind shepherds) her breeder.

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silver sabe german shepherd puppies for sale.. pattys dad he is very large......... on dads side. line bred.Silver Mark.....black and silver german shepherd puppies for sale......Great grandma is shadow my old girl..

Blade at 5 months just below



New pics of Blade at 15 months below He is now 31" and a way to skinny 115lbs if he were in good weight he would be 130 ... to interested in the girls you can see all of his ribs but he'll put on weight this winter.

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big german shepherd black and silver here you can see his size campaired to he great grandma shaodow who is a big girl too

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these photo's show his straight back and good feet, large head nice dog for 15 months


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see Blades pedigree here...

please do not copy this pedigree.... king shepherds people this is not for copying to fake your pedigree's I am watching for this and have the right to sue you!


I have attached some photos of the german shepherd I got from you in August of 2011; Patty and Falcon litter. Her name is Ava Mae and she currently weighs, approximately, 90 lbs. She has such a wonderful temper for a dog. She loves to cuddle, rarely barks, loves car rides and walks, and she enjoys McDonald's chicken mcnuggets! She has been a wonderful addition to the household. She is truly a treasure. Please enjoy the pictures. Thank you again.

-Earlene Taylor (letter and pick at 12 months) (Blades full sister...)


Blade at almost 3 years old. still a very solid black saddle.. no ticking rare for a black and silver. just below he is filling out :) Look at that wide chest!


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Blade is DM tested Normal/Normal

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blade ofa


large black and silver german shepherd


A son from blades first litter at 5 months .. Looks just like his dad! except cream instead of silver below are try colors examples of what we get when we breed blade to tans or sables female sitting and down at four months old she is four months old

big tri color german shepherd..below a one year old male out of Blade and Juno a duke daughter Blade has been throwing alot of Tri color's

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Hi, Robin!

Thor is growing and developing beautifully! We are so pleased with our sweet, gorgeous boy--he's a delight for our entire family! Not quite 6 months yet and he's growing like crazy. More importantly, he possesses a wonderful disposition--very intelligent, funny, playful yet calm, confident & athletic. Everywhere we go, folks compliment his looks--especially his lovely conformation, strong lines and gorgeous coat and coloring. By the way, he is starting to show some silver under the black coat in his neck and shoulders. We think he's gonna look more like his Daddy through his body with his facial coloring favoring his Great Granddad and your Duke.

What I want to share most with you is the request we received last week from our trainer...

Our trainer called and said that working with Thor is an absolute pleasure for him and training dogs like Thor is his passion. Alan went on to say that mostly he's brought in to help older folks and folks with little lap dogs that have house training issues or need help with an undesirable behavior or two but will never really have a well trained dog. He rarely has an opportunity to work with great breeds like GSD's these days or with owners who practice and do all the homework to make their training experience more successful and their relationships with their companions even better. Alan went on to say that while we will have a very "good dog," Thor has the potential to be a really "great dog!" (As he was speaking, he said he was nervous about making this call and I could tell......

Anyway, Alan said that training dogs like Thor is why he's been training dogs for over 20 years and he would love the opportunity to work even more with Thor and wanted to know if we would allow him to train Thor for free a couple hours each week! (in addition to our regular training) Of course we agreed so last Friday, Thor happily went off with Alan for a couple hours and came home with a new bully stick and a big ol' smile on his face!

Everyone recognizes what we do as well--YOU breed AMAZING German Shepherds and bringing one of your pups into your family is a true delight! Thank you for all you're doing for this wonderful breed!

Wishing you a great week!




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Blade son and daughter these are cool colors and very rare called reverse masks 3- 5 montsh old

rare silver sable reverse mask..rare silver sable reverse mask

belwo a blade daughter 90 lbs at ten months out of treasurebig silver sable herman shepherd