Von Sila's Brooklynn of Royalair-DM normal(Prelim OFA pending)

Brooklynn is a tan sable german shepherd. Her mom is a huge girl bred at royalair aSABER...RILEY daughter -a lovley true black and silver OFA good hips and elbows. Her dad was a sable east german male who was penn hipped in 90 th % which is equivelent to OFA excellent.. She will be bred to Arrow for lovely light sables and silver sables possibly tri color sables, black and silvers as well as black and tan/reds..Long coats are possible..

The combination of these two will produce very sound conformations,short straight back ,strong super athletic dogs with an exotic look and color. with large size. with exceptional family type tempers..If your wanting to do high level obedience or agility this litter is for you.The pedigree consistes of many generations of OFA on both sides as well.. probably more then any other pedgree you will find.All pups will be DM normal as well.

Broolynn at 8 weeks

sable gsd

Brooklynn at 4 months

\east german sgepherds

Brooklynn at 8 months

A big wide head to die for at 8 momnth she has very nice bone and typica east german style head a big girl already ! weighing in at 82 lbs at 8 months old! wide head and body lots of bone on this girl


perfect conformationbig headed german shepherds


coule with a perfect very athletic conformation and stiraght back her pups should excell at any type of agilityAthletic german shepherds


akc german shepherds

DM free german sheoherds

OFA silver sable german shepherds

Dad and mom below !


big headed german shepherds...silver german shephrd


Brooklynn's older brother what a Nice guy and look at that big head.


black sable german shepherd