more letters and photo's from puppy buyers

three search and rescue dogs owned by the Hadenfeldts all certified

search and rescue german shepherds

a kody son at one year

Hi Robin,
Heres Basha from Louisville Ky. This dog is super intelligent, and very athletic for a dog his size.

large german shepherd

Hi Robin - I took these yesterday in front of the wheat field before it got combined.  She is really looking like Tina.  I'll send a full body shot when she gets her cast off. 
Ellen Dahm

below a long coated emma hawk daughter 8 years old I believe


Here are some side pictures of fonzie at 7 mo.  He is 108lbs.  Do you think he is too heavy.
He walks away from his food when full and does not seem to eat too much.  He is getting real big in the chest.  What is the test of proper weight.  Should you be able to feel ribs ?
Bob Malina

Hi Robin,
Haven't talked to you for a while. Hard to believe its been over two years since I came up to see Tina and Kody's first litter. Rascal has grown into a great friend. We have been in obedience training and will soon have our CGC. He loves the frisbee as you can see in these pic's. He is very friendly with all dogs big and small as long as long as they are not aggressive towards him, if they are he stands his ground but always tries diplomacy before resorting to force. Had an aggressive Rotwiller in class...Rasc' sat down and put out his paw...can't we just get along? He has developed a natural guard dog posture. The lady who checks on him daily brought her husband over to visit. Rascal would not let him in the kennel until he had been introduced in a positive way, then it was ok. The other day I was approached by a vagrant at the grocery store parking lot as I was loading the truck. He was somewhat of a nuisance until Rascal strolled out of the shadows in the front of the truck and added his weight to the encounter. The vagerant disappeared in a hurry. Rascal is really allot of fun and a great friend. Hope you enjoy these pic's.
John and Rascal ^">

below heather was bred by royalair


HI Robin,
I noticed that you will be having another Kody and
Goldie litter arriving fairly soon and wanted to send
you some pictures of my boys from the first Goldie
Koday litter. I thought you might like to show
possible parents, to give them and idea of not only
how they may look but also their temperment.
You can see how different they look Krieger like Kody
and Echo like Indy.
Thanks again for such wonderful boys.

Hi Robin,
I don't know if you remember me. I bought Liesle from you about 11 years ago. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know she is still the most wonderful dog. She runs daily on the ranch, keeps the coyotes away and shows no signs of aging, no signs of arthritis or hip problems. She is also very wise and patient as she has raised several kitties & puppies for us including my daughter's Great Dane.
Warm Regards,
Debra Cummings

I received the mail you sent with vet info and papers, thanks.
We got Koda's dog house built by a friend who makes cabins.  It is incredible.  It is big and insulated from floor to ceiling.  I painted it dark green just like our house  and painted her name-Royalair's Koda, in white.    She will probably still sleep in our garage at night but at  least she has a very comfortable and warm place when she needs to be outside.  She has really bonded to me.  She is at my side every minute that I am around her.  I cannot believe how much I love this dog.  I couldn't ask for more.  She is so playful.  I enjoy watching her from the patio doors playing with her balls.  She tosses them around bounding after them.Sometimes she can't decide which one to play with.
She is really happy.  And so am I.


Ella just celebrated her second birthday on October 9.  Please accept my thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog.  Ella, offspring of Tina/Hawkeye, has the perfect temperament for a family setting.  She is wonderful with our 11,9 and even 4 year old.  Indeed, we just welcomed another son, Jack, now 3 months, into our family and Ella is always looking to give him a kiss.  Although exceedingly playful and receptive with family and friends, she is always on alert.  We live in the county on a couple of acres and it is a great comfort to Jennifer and I to have Ella outside (and inside) alerting us to potential unwelcome visitors.  Ella, has filled out considerably, and is now 103 pounds at 27" (vet weighed).  Thanks Robin.  I'll send a picture soon.
Bob Magnuson
Flagstaff, AZ
 Robin, I'm not sure if you remember us, but my husband Bill and I bought one of Falco and Emma's puppies 8 years ago. We named her Darby, and we took her to Florida where she lives on a farm with us and her mate, Ben. We had one litter of puppies--7 beautiful babies/ Ben had excellent pedigree, mother and father were Siegers--we bought him from Leo Bellino, Carissima Kennel in Canada, but he developed allergies, and we decided it was best to have him neutered. Bill is thinking that one of the issues that we're going to be faced with is that both of our dogs will most likely get old and possibly pass on at the same time. He was thinking that we might be able to check with you to see if any of Falco's descendents had good litters coming available, Both dogs are 8 years old, and hopefully they'll live another 4-6 years, so we're not in a huge hurry to get another puppy right away. We just thought that you might keep us in mind, especially if there is a special dog out there like Falco.  Just so that you know, Darby has been almost human. I spent a lot of time with her as a puppy teaching her the names of all of the animals that she heard and saw--she knows them all!--And we can talk to her--she understands a lot of what we tell her--. We had a shih tzu that tended to wander as he got old, and she was able to go find him even when he wandered off into another pasture. She is a fantastic ball player--Bill can hit a ball out into the pasture even when it's two feet high, and she can still find the ball. Her intelligence has been amazing, and she has been a wonderful companion to both my husband and me.  Our male, although well bred, has no where near the ball playing skills or intelligence that she has. And, I guess the one thing that we also appreciate is how healthy she has been. I'm attaching some pictures--wish I had more on this computer--we have some pictures that make her look a lot like Falco.

It might be tempting if someone were going to use some of the Falco semen to get a litter of his puppies--I am almost certain that Bill would be interested in one of them, or if you have any other ideas--we're just very picky about the next puppy we get, and like I said, we really aren't in a hurry, but please keep us in mind.
Anne MacKinlay

dog below a stud dog in indiana, out of hawkeye just recieved his advanced ralley title OFA and recently recieved a rally advanced obedience title

I am not sure if I told you, but we will be waiting for Roxie's next season. We want to do this right. So I figure by Nov or so we can try again.
He is storing the sperm for me. I appreciate it. I was not complaining on the cost of all this. I am excited to death about it. I have been saving for this adventure, and keeping my prayers going.  Most of Roxie's females are averaging 90-105# by age of 2.  I will send a picture of Sadie who is a Kody/Roxie daughter. She is 105 now. Beautiful dog.


I have been meaning to send you a picture of Heika.  Here she is with.... (as always) a group of children around her!
We had a big family reunion at our home yesterday for the Labor Day holiday.  It is so nice to have a dog that behaves so well with a large group of people and is especially so tolerant with children.  People always comment on Heika's beauty and her gentle temperament.
I will scan a few more pictures...............  It must be enjoyable for you to see what impact your puppies have with their families. 

Every year we have a benefit garage sale for Chromosome 18 kids..........our daughter Amy (in the middle) has Chromosome 18 syndrome.  This picture with four of our children and Heika was in our local paper to advertise the sale. 
Heika always mingles with the hundreds of people that come to shop at our garage sale!!
Ruth Getz

a 10 year old falco emma duaghter

Hi Robin and Gang,
Took Fonzie over to the local vet to use the electronic scale.  He is 115 lbs at 8 1/'2 months.
He is doing well in Intermediate obedience class. His acceleration when casing the ball is amazing.   He is very dog friendly but a little aloof to strangers.  He is the picture of health ! 
Bob and Gail Malina


Here are current pictures of "Royalair;s Quincey of Calhoun" taken 9/20/06. He weighed 62 pounds at the vet on 9/19/06.
He is getting big and is a true delight. I am using a trainer and evaluator for AKC for weekly lessons and Quincey is doing very well.
The trainers have been really been great to work with - I train and work with Quincey whenever we are together, but I combine
the training with horse chores,play time and feeding.We spend 2 to 3 hours a day together and of course he sleeps next to my bed each night.
He learns very quickly and remembers what he learns.I take Quincey to a park to work with the trainers so he is exposed to new people, dogs, sounds
and distractions. Many people have stopped and complimented me on what a beautiful dog Quincey is. I couldn't agree more!!
Thank You for breeding such spectacular dogs both in looks and temperment.
Eileen Stamp

Knicki kody son at 5 months

for those of you wanting to know what a rare silver sable looks like this is it her is a mark shadow son.

Hi Robin-

here are some pics of our handsome Toby. He has to be 100 pounds by now (10 months old tomorrow!). His last weigh in was on his 7 month birthday and he was 77 pounds then. I just took the outside pictures today for you, although getting him to stand for a picture by myself was impossible! he would only sit today! There is one from him on our couch yesterday too, with our new kitten, Bella. He just loves that kitten!

He really is a fantastic dog, we are so in love with him, thanks so much!

Julie & Scott