Hi Robin I just thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Nikki (Kody-Tina daughter) at 1 year old on her first camping trip up in the mountains of Wyoming. She took to it like a natural. Thanks for a great friend.


Joe Scholl


Hi Robin,


I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this thank you for a very wonderful dog I call Dexter. He is now 4 years old and I couldn't possibly ask for a better German Shepherd. He has stolen all of our hearts and everyone who sees him can't believe how gorgeous he is. He is very dark with stunning silver highlights on his back. He's a real looker for sure! Very kid friendly and accepting of those we invite into our home but always on alert to those outside. Making sure his presence is known to all. Always watching.  Recently we had a birthday party for my mom and my cousin brought her 2 year old daughter and within a matter of minutes of Cassie being on the floor Dexter had immediately started licking her face. It was the cutest thing to see this massive dog towering over her licking her face. His tongue was bigger than her head! Cassie couldn't have smiled more than at that very moment. Dexter sensing how small and fragile she was, became very gentle and careful of every step he took. My veterinarian just recently commented on the fact that Dexter is incredibly calm which he found unusual these days. He continued to tell me that this is the first Shepherd he didn't need to muzzle for an exam. This both made me proud and sad at the same time. What is happening to the German Shepherd? I am so glad and lucky to have stumbled upon your ad in a dog magazine.


I am attaching some pictures of Dexter. My friend, companion and protector!



Thank You for all your hard work and for the time you dedicated to this breed!


Heather Balke


Hi Robin 


This is Martha and I am giving you another update on Texas Noel.  She is so very special, as I am sure all of the dogs you send out are.  I took her to have her nails clipped and had her weighed at 5 &1/2 months old.  She weighed 71 pounds and measured 23 inches from the shoulder.  She is extremely beautiful very good natured.  Over labor day weekend, she played with my 8 grandchildren and my sisters 12.  Thanks a lot for all your good work! 


Just keeping you posted.







Donna & Robin,


    I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful puppy.  He is absolutely fantastic! I have much to say but will try and keep it short as I know both of you are busy. So this is MAXIMUS RENO VON WOLFCHEN that was born on Jan 9th 2007. He was a massive 93 #Õs 2 weeks ago on his 8th month birthday. He is a BIG goofy dog. He loves everybody and every dog he comes in contact with. All he wants to do is play. We had 7 dogs in our backyard for Labor Day and after 6 hours he was the only one left standing. He was still ready to go when the rest of them were tired out. I cannot wear him out!!!! He is walked everyday at least once. ItÕs too hot in the afternoon here in the Texas Sun. He has a full half acre backyard to run and play in. We had to buy him the XX large Kennel today as he has already outgrown the X large one. I swear he is half lab as we go to the river quite often and he just goes and goes. Believe it or not with all his going, he can be quite lazy too. He lies down to drink water and eat his food. He is also highly intelligent. He knew all the commands I give him by 4 months. He sits, down, heel, stay (were working on the time though), loads, back (when he walks to fast and gets in front of me I say ŅbackÓ and he slows down), drop it, no, kennel and some other I canÕt think of now. He has to sit to be greeted by people (still working in this as he gets excited and occasionally will pee on himself.Ó HeÕs been limping on the left front leg for 2 months now and we took him to the vet when it started and she thought it was growing pains so we gave him Medicam an anti-inflammatory. It did not go away or change legs so on his 8th month birthday we put him under anesthesia to check him out and he does have pan osteomylitis (growing pains). They said it was significant but have him on Medicam and tramadol for pain. He seems to be doing well on that. They said his hips and elbows look very good. Yes, before you ask, he is on his Nu Joint and NuVet vitamins; he has been since the day we got him.  We switched from Royal Canin food due to diarrhea and have him on Innova Large Breed puppy now and seems to be doing well with that. All he wants to do is be around his people. Reno is definitely a daddyÕs boy as he is primarily my responsibility and will follow me everywhere. I canÕt get too far away or he comes running back. He still thinks he's a lap dog and will knock you over if youÕre not careful. WeÕre working on the brakes as he comes running full sprint and shuts it down do late before he gets to you and youÕll go flying if your not careful. His best friend was a Chihuahua before he got ran over by a car. Sad yes but is OK now with new owners so we wonÕt see him anymore. He likes the kittyÕs and will chase them if they run (were working on that) as they were old before we got Reno they donÕt like dogs when they get too close but are de-clawed so no worries. Felix the cat does well until Reno tries to bathe him then gets upset. I have the neighborhood kids come over to walk him sometimes and clean the pooh in the backyard once a week, so he is wonderful with kids but knocks them down as he doesnÕt know his size. He is very gentle with babies though and will give them a tongue bath if you donÕt watch too careful. He likes to lick their toes which they find fun. Everywhere we go people stop us and say WOW! What a beautiful shepherd! How old is he and I tell them to which they are flabbergasted? We started obedience school on Tuesday and is the best behaved in the class. The trainer even said Ņyou guys have done a wonderful jobÓ, she wanted to take him home. I think everybody in the class came over to see him after class or at least talk to us about him. As you can see by the pictures he is almost as long as I am at 6 feet. The Vet said, ŅI thought heÕd be 110 or so but I think youÕre right, heÕs going to be 120-130#Õs.Ó Everyone in the neighborhood knows him and stops us while were walking. If he ever gets outs everybody knows where he lives. This dog has changed my mind about having only one dog. After we have kids in the next year or so I hope to add another to our house. Any ideas? LOL Oh and last but not least, he does not bark. He will bark if he canÕt get to another dog to play but only for a second or two. One afternoon while outside he did start to bark & bark & bark, we though something was wrong but it turns out heÕd seen his reflection in the window to the inside and thought there was another dog inside while he was outside and was not happy about it. We laughed and let him in to figure it out, then settled down. Oh yes, he loves to play in his food, when he gets bored he will tip the bowl over and spray food everywhere and then carry his bowl around. There are lots of toys outside but he prefers his food bowl. Of course weÕre working on this. The first crash of the bowl and I take it away.


  Anyway sorry for the book and hope you like the pictures. I may be calling you in the future for another puppy. When? Not sure but definitely someday.


Thank you again,


Patrick Bowman

Georgetown, TX






Hi Robin:


Thought I would send you pictures of the pups at almost 8 months.  They are doing awesome and getting HUGE!!


Please let me know you received these. 


Marlia Wilmovsky AppleMark


  This is our Basic Obedience class graduation day photo from yesterday.  Obviously that's me and Bob on the far right.  We were standing next to the lady with the Rotwieler but Bob tried to take a "bite out of crime" on the Rotweiler's head, so we were voted off the island and had to move to the outside.  We are going to continue on with intermediate classes and also some rally events the Dog Club holds.  I don't know what they are yet but they sound like fun.  Bob usually plays well with others but yesterday he was very rambunctious.  The trainer reminded me he is approaching adolescence and will need a great deal of leadership training exercises so we'll work on that.






Here are some pictures of Chloe.  I sent you some when she was about 3 months but I don't know if you got them.  I think it was around the time you changed your web site.  She is about 5 1/2 months old now.(whelped on May 14, 2007).  I really love this dog.  She is so beautiful.  I was worried since I didn't get to pick her that she wouldn't be the color I wanted.  I know, I'm a snob.  I think the other people that got girls from the same litter must have know exactly what I wanted.  She is perfect. The perfect color and temperament.  I would have loved her no matter what though.  She is the best dog that I have ever had.  She learned house training real fast.  She only had a couple of accidents in the house and never #2.  When I walk her she walks right next to me or a little behind me.  So far she hasn't tried to drag me down the street.  I try to take her to as many places as possible.  She is a little dog shy.  My vet just loves her.  They can't get over the size of her feet.  He works with service dogs and he said that she is the best looking shepherd that he's seen in a very long time.


Since I got her I also inherited 2 other dogs.  One is a Basset/Cocker mix.  My daughter had him and his brother.  Since her son started walking all three were too much for her to handle. His name is Wilson and he is so cute.  It's a good thing he's so cute he's in to everything.  He has chewed up all the legs on my table and chewed holes in my carpet.  Thank goodness I'm going to replace the carpet anyway or he'd be outside all the time.   He has a thing about sticks.  He has stripped the limbs off of my bushes and trees.  He's about 10 months now.  The other is another german shepherd female.  She is also about 10 months.  She just had her first heat.  I know now why they call them bitches. She went after Chloe and she had to have stitches on her leg.  Her father was West German SCH3.  Her mother is from all American Show lines.  She is a beautiful girl too but very hyper.  She has a lot of prey drive.  Which would be good if I had something for her to drive besides my cats and rabbit.  I really wish now that I wouldn't have got her.  She was given to me by a lady who was going to show her but her husband got very sick and she couldn't spend the time with her.  My vet knew I wanted to breed shepherds and suggested me.  She was pretty calm when I got her but the combination of Wilson and Chloe, especially Wilson, playing with her all day kind of drove that out of her.  I will probably get her spayed.  Besides being pretty she doesn't have any other traits that I like.  I'm going to try a professional trainer first to see if that will calm her down.  Chloe isn't as calm as she used to be either but she isn't too bad.  She is definitely my favorite. 


I was so happy to meet you and your girls this summer.  I love your place.  It's like you built it around your dogs.  How cool.  I don't know if you remember or not, but I bought 17 acres in Missouri.  I can't wait to move there.  I am very worried about fleas and ticks but I've been doing some research online and hopefully I can control them.  I read that Guanines love ticks.  My land doesn't have anything on it yet (it is fenced though) so I will need a well, electric and septic. I'll probably buy a used mobile home.   I don't want to move until I can pay cash for everything.  I don't want to have to work full time to make house payments.  I'm going to try to sell my house next year and move my horses to my land next spring.  That will save me lot of money. OK I kind of got off subject.  I'm sure you don't want to know my life story. 

Anyway here are the pictures of Chloe.  I am apologizing now for the length of this letter.



     About 2 and a half years ago, we purchased a male puppy from one of Kody & Knicky's litters.  We just wanted you to know that he's a wonderful dog.  We named him Mace because my husband is a police officer.  He looks intimidating, but he is a big pussycat.  He is very social and only eats if one of the family members is joining him for dinner.  He also insists on having a ball in his bowl, sometimes two.  He will actually scour the yard for a ball, bring it back and place it in his bowl.  Last March, we decided to give Mace a companion and purchased a female from your friend Donna at River Valley Shepherds.  We named our female Taser (keeping with the police theme).  She is a daughter of Silver Mark & Lacey.  Mace took to Taser right away and now they are inseparable.  He is extremely tolerant of her.  She likes to jump on him, sit on him, bite every part of his body and steal balls from his mouth.  Mace never expresses any anger towards her but takes everything with a very playful nature.  We are amazed at his temperament, especially since Taser is half his size.  I thought you might like to see a picture of him so I've attached one of him and my daughter McKenzie.  She had just won a first place ribbon for biggest dog at a children's pet show at my parent's house in Pennsylvania.  I've also attached  pictures of Mace & Taser, one in the early days of their acquaintance and a more recent one.  Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.


Julie & George Moskowitz

(Fairfax, Virginia)








Hi Robin:


This is a picture of the dogs at 8 months old.  Blitz is 87 pounds and zooker is 85.

I wanted you to see what they look like.  They are doing great.  In fact, they are "dog models" for nature select dog food.  It is an all natural company out here that delivers to your home, and is AAPCO approved.  The distributor thought they were the best looking german shepherds he had ever seen!!!


Please let me know you got this message.


Take care -

Marlia Wilmovsky





Hi Robin,


Just thought I'd send you a picture of my dog Elsa, a December 5, 2006 puppy from Sasha and Kody. In the picture she is 10 months old. She is the sweetest and most loving girl. She wants to please, and we are now taking a Rally novice class. She gets comments wherever we go, and gets along with all people and dogs she meets. She is very sweet with my 3 year old and 1 year old neices. She is protective of her house and yard, yet very friendly once I tell her all is o.k. She is absolutely huge and is double some of the other GSD's I've seen around. Anyway, she is much loved and is a constant companion to me and my border collie. Thanks for breeding such a great girl!




Tracy Buchanan

Signal Mtn., TN

423 883 2276


Robin.  Here is a picture of Riley at 8 1/2 Months.  He was 95 lbs. and 28 inches tall.  He is now at 9 1/2 months, 97 lbs. and 28 1/2 inches tall.  The picture shows just how good looking he is, but the picture does not show just how ornery he is.  Thanks for a great dog.  Tim


Note: forwarded message attached.




  I've attached a couple pictures of Bob (Nicki and Cody son) one is of him and my wife's Toy Yorkie.  We are entering a Canine Good Citizen test on 29 December.  I'll let you know how it goes.
















Hi Robin,

I thought I would send a couple of pictures of Sadie.  She is doing so well - and less biting now too.  I still have to get after her alittle but she knows I mean business and settles down without too much trouble. 

She learns so quickly  it is amazing.


Will stay in touch.

Julie Bell









Hi Robin!


Here's a picture of my beautifyl Kian (Star / Akili Bear) at 5 months.  He's ALL THAT!  He is drop dead gorgeous at 24 inches and 60 plus pounds!  BEAUTIFUL temperament.


Thank you for him Robin,  Julie Thrush








Hello, Robin!


I just wanted to let you know how great the new litters look. I love checking out your website and dreaming of the day that it's right for us to add a new GSD to our family.


Biscuit is doing great -- she's enjoying the benefits of my ongoing training in Tellington Touch (I'm halfway through a 2-year certification course for working with companion animals), and she's been on a nice roll in tracking lately, too. We finally got into two tracking trials (for the TD); she/we failed at the first trial (last weekend) in spite of doing many things very well. In fact, only 2 out of 9 dogs earned their titles (TD or TDX) at that test. Our second attempt will be this coming Sunday, so we'll see!


She's just the best, and we love her utterly and completely. She is so smart and listens so well, and is extremely brave and curious about all things except fireworks (getting better) and sometimes meeting new, loud, grown-ups (sometimes she barks at them -- we're working on that, too). She is universally gentle with children and is friendly to nearly all other dogs/animals (once she hit maturity, she decided she could tell a bratty dog off if she needed to, and now she will, but she is NOT dog-aggressive). She loves the water, especially, and she enjoys coming on errands with me in the car (now that the hot weather is behind us).


We get compliments on her all the time. In fact, just the other night I was walking Biscuit and a car slowed down as it drove past on the cross street. There were two men in the car, so I was a little wary . . . until one of them shouted out, "That's a beautiful dog! Really! I bred German Shepherds for years, so I know!" (As if I needed to be told how pretty she is!) Honestly, Robin, this stuff happens about once every week or two to us. Elderly people stop and tell me about their childhood GSD and how Biscuit looks just like how GSDs looked in "the good old days" -- I know you'll like hearing that!


Well, enough of that -- you'll see her picture on our Christmas card in another few weeks -- once I get off my behind and address those envelopes!





Biscuit did a picture-perfect job at our tracking test today!  She hauled her butt and mine over hill and dale, so strong and steady and FAST that by the time she stopped on the glove and I picked it up and turned to wave it at the judges, no one had caught up with us yet! I was so proud of her. She indicated her turns perfectly and then came to a dead stop right on the glove. It was 19 degrees (not counting a significant windchill) -- she loves the cold and works much better in it than in the heat.


I'll send along a picture when the test secretary e-mails it to me.


Yahoo!  Happy day!


These are a few letters who got dogs from other breeders who use my lines directly or are kody sons


Just wanted to drop you a note.....


My wife, daughter, and I  picked up a puppy from Emily Roberts this weekend.  One of the main factors that led us to get one of her pups was that she had a lot of your stock in her breeding program.  That, and the fact that a pup was available when we could take one and that the logistics of going there and picking it up ourselves was more manageable also figured into our decision. 


While we were there, we saw Jordan who I understand is one of your dogs.  I have been around GSDs much of my life and have owned and seen some nice dogs.  Jordan has got to be one of the top GSDs I've ever seen.  He is HUGE but is really just a big weenie that wants to be petted and loved on.  He is a beautiful animanl.  I've never seen but one other GSD his size.  Good job on your selection of his lineage.


If you ever breed his parents again, I'd sure like to know....we might end up with another dog <grin>.


Best Regards,


Mike Seal

Clinton, MS



Hi Julie, (sam & baron Šnext to letters is a Kodiak bear son  Julie brought her female to be bred here) these are full brothers to MY gloryÉ..


        Well had Sam to the vet today for a checkup and to see if there was something I could do about his excessive shedding.  Luckily the Vet said I just needed to change grooming brushes because the one I had was not heavy enough fo get to his undercoat.  Sam is perfectly healthy and still Wows the Vet and his nurses when he comes in.  Sam is all muscle and weighed in today at 122lbs he is around 30 inches at the shoulder or about 5' 10'" when he stands up on his hind legs, which he does a lot.  The vet was very complimentary saying that Sam was absolutely beautiful, had a perfect thick coat and was still impressed at how lean he was but yet so heavy  definitely a muscular dog.  Thanks again for the good pick.  


Donald K. Heesch




Hi Julie, I just took Baron back into the Vet to see how his Hot Spot was healing up and it has almost disappeared. Baron was weighed again and he tipped the scale at 112 pounds. He has gained another 8 ½ pounds in 2 weeks! I re-measured him when we got home and his shoulders are right at 29 inches. ThatÕs a ¾ inch growth in 2 weeks. He was born 05/08/07 so he is 7 ½ months old now. IÕm supposed to take him back for a final Hot Spot check-up in another 2 weeks. (Any bets on what his weight and height will be then?) The vet said that I need to convert him over to Large Breed Adult food now. He said the Large Breed Puppy food was overly fatty and although Baron doesnÕt have too much fat over the top of his ribs, he is concerned that when his growing slows, with the amount of food I told him he eats every day, he might start packing on the fat. He said I really need to watch his ribs and the flesh over them so he doesnÕt get too heavy and put too much stress on his joints. (He must take a Horse-size poop at least 5 times a day). He is going out for obedience training in a few more weeks. I take him to work with me almost every day and he has yet to have a leash on him. He totally depends on me to tell him where to go and what to do. Ever since I got him I would let him out of my yard and when he would turn his head away to check out something, I would side-step and hide from him. Now he wonÕt take 5 steps away from me without looking for me. (He needs to make sure I havenÕt ditched him). He is very controllable and very smart. It usually only takes one reprimand and he wonÕt repeat the offence again. He seems like he lives to please me and I love that! I think the trainer will have a very easy job with him. (You can check out his trainer @ Landmark Kennels and then click on training). Obedience is first and then when he is 18 months old he will go back out again for his protection training. He is exactly the Dog I was searching for. Thanks again, Bob.     




I wanted to get your oppinion or ok on me using a picture of Kodiak on my site as Zacks sire,

also here is a update on Zacks picture for your interest. he is 30" tall and lean, looking for him to fill out more like his pop , as he gets older..

if you would rather me not have him posted, just let me know, it is up to you..and i am ok with it..


and blessings