......Cavamalt, Cavalier King Charles Spanial and Maltese Cross.......Grinnell , IOWA ..The small dog with out the small dog personality !, calm, friendly , little to no barkyness!!Easier to train , and much calmer tepers and easier coats then doodle crosses!

This is a very rare cross I looked more then a year for one!

WEBSIGHT Is up as well !....http://www.toycavaliers.com

Our little male Royalair's Stewart Little embark tested..3/4 maltese 1/4 cavalair king charles, 7 lbs at 2 years old CKC registered

Peaches ..Video of Peaches....

Oreo at 4 years old...My little lap dog very smart, obedient and calm..6 lbs

toy cavalier King charles spanial

First Litter expected in Fall 2019 ! email royalairshepherds@gmail.com or Text 641-990-9901

Price on all pups will be $1500 for males 1800 for females ! since all parent dogs were over 2000 that will go up quickly

Deposit will be $ 350.00

...The little dog with the perfect qualities of both have you ever wanted a smaller, non or low-shedding dog with the personality of a cavalier with a little bit smarter outgoing personaity..The cavamalt is really a very small version of a cavalier with with a longer non shedding coat I looked for this cross For more then a year and was unable to find it untill I found it in Missippi and she only have one litter a year.. So this is going to be my new breed (no worries I will always breed German shepherds on a small scale...)But I am getting older so it only makes since :)

It is very difficult to find cavalier with solid health testing and are known for some very serious issues so my goal is to only use cavaleirs who have been tested and cleared genetically..

SO This is my first Cavamalt who will be breed back to a Maltese or Cavamalt... Oreo is truely the best little dog I have ever owned. With the shepherds you have to be so carefull with training and disipline just because of the size .. with this tiny little girl it does make things SO much easier ! And yes she gets away with alot more things then the shepherd puppies do ,but I am truely in love and am going to really enjoy working with these dogs !She has already stolen my heart..

Oreo Krumm CKC registered and AKC listed crossbreed from two akc parents the ultimate pocket dog at 12 weeks old she is 2.5 lbs

Adult weight should be around 6 lbs.. MY goal is to have tail and ears to be long like a cavaleir but smaller eyes of the Maltese as they are healthier and less likely to be damaged. Tail should be straight like the cavaleir not circled/curved up like the maltese.

As most know the Purebred Cavaleir can be very unhealhty and most breeders of them do little to no health testing ,these complete outcross with the very healthy maltese or Maltipoo will ad longevity, health and brains :)

ALL ADULTS Will be health tested for everything prevelent in their breed

All puppies will be fully socialized and gaurenteed with CKC papers and AKC listing and full pedigree..

.. Head Round ,nose should be longer then a cavy for healthier breathing and less over heating issues.Eye's large but smaller then a Cavaleir

miniature toy cavaaliers in iowa..

Tail should be long and wavy, should not curl over top of the back like a maltese this will make for easier grooming

and an overall neater look.

Halethy and health tested cavaalier king charles spniels

My mother's Cavaleir (DAISY)who will be bred to a Malteese She is a red and white blienheim AKC cavalier. Her pups with the maltese should be all red and white but her mother is tan so some may be black and white or tri colors/ They will look alot like malteese's with color! very much like Oreo above except in red and white.

Meet Daisey a purebred AKC Cavaleir that will have cavamalt and purbred cavaleirs she will also get her CGC and other titles

red and white and back and white toy cavaleirsBleinheim Cavaleirs.

Yes Oreo at 14 weeks is smaller then the coke can! nothing like a cavamalt

oreo just after her grooming

oreo at 4 months and at 6 months below

cavamalts cavaliers best toy dog Iowa Daisy and Queeny AKC, genetically tested Cavaleirs will be bred to a 4 lbs Maltese to produce oreo look alikes of different colors adult wieght at 4 to 8 lbs and non shedding.. HARDY little dogs with little to no genetic disease. I expect we will get red white,black and white and tri- colors black tn and white. We may get solid white as well. Because we do not ad the poodle we should avoind all the eye, patella and allergy issues.As well as less of an eye discharge and coats will be much easier to groom or keep long if you like. and OF course with out the poodle tempers should be calmer and overall easier. Daisy and queeny are with my mother... in town, oreo can be seen with me.All three will be certified Therapy dogs and well trained :)

both the maltese and the Cavaleir have a much wider nose then the poodle or yorkshire terrier so more room for teeth and hopefully less tooth issues bcause of it. Also just a more pleasing overall face apperence. The quality's of this cross are far reaching.

she will be grandmom




WEBSIGHT Comming SOON...http://www.toycavaliers.com


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descriptions of both breeds Perfect cross for Therapy dogs!

Maltese temper
The small, spunky Maltese is known for retaining his puppy-like attitude throughout his life. The Maltese is one of a handful of similar breeds whose job has always been that of “companion.” They are specifically designed to love and be loved.
If you want a smart little dog to run you and your home, then this is your breed. Maltese pack a lot of love into their tiny bodies, and are never happier than when cuddling in their owners' laps. That doesn't mean these dogs don't need exercise and training. Resist the impulse to simply carry them everywhere and pluck them out of trouble, and let your dog be a dog. In particular, the Maltese excels at learning tricks and loves to show off.
While the Maltese's happy, courageous natures make him a wonderful pet for many, this may not be the right dog for families with young children. Maltese are tiny and can easily be injured if play is too rough, or they may snap at a child in self-defense if frightened or hurt.
This is also the wrong breed for someone who wants the look of a show dog with little effort. Those gorgeous creatures floating around the show ring with their gleaming white coats and perfect topknots are the product of endless hours of washing and combing, followed by keeping the coat in wraps for protection. Most pet Maltese are kept clipped short, which means frequent professional grooming. Neglected coats become tangled and matted, which is painful and can lead to serious skin infections.
Those shoe-button eyes may look adorable against the white coat, but that look requires a lot of time spent cleaning away tear stains, which cause a rust discoloration that most people find unsightly even though it’s harmless.
Allergies aren’t harmless, but those who sneeze and wheeze may find this breed more tolerable than others, although Maltese are fully capable of causing an allergic reaction in the most sensitive of sufferers. The size of a Maltese helps limit the amount of dog hair – and dander -- to trigger allergies, and a coat kept clean and clipped short will help further. But don’t believe the hype: there’s no such thing as a dog that doesn’t cause allergies at all.
The Maltese was developed exclusively as a companion dog, so he needs to live in the house and never outdoors.

This sturdy toy breed is a re-creation of the toy spaniels that populated royal courts and noble homes in Europe from the 15th to the 19th centuries. True to their heritage as “comforter dogs,” Cavaliers love to be in a lap. The typical Cavalier is always happy, trusting and easygoing, a friend to everyone he meets. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel today is a beloved, and increasingly popular, companion dog. He's small, loving, playful and attractive.
A Cavalier will dog your footsteps throughout the day, from kitchen to bathroom to home office and back again and prefers not to be left alone for hours on end. The ideal home is one with a stay-at-home parent, work-at-home spouse or retired couple.
A Cavalier’s natural animation and cheerfulness stand out in the show ring. He can be a steady and willing competitor in obedience and rally, and excels in agility and flyball. His intuitive nature also makes him a superb therapy dog. He will sit quietly with older people or young children and then turn into a rowdy playmate with active children or adults.
These dogs generally love kids and do well in families with older children who will throw a ball for them, teach them tricks or just hang out with them. Because of their small size, though, Cavaliers must be protected from clumsy toddlers who might fall on them or “pet” them with too much force.
Cavalier temperament ranges from sweet and placid to hard-charging and, yes, stubborn. The sweet, placid Cavaliers sometimes have a reputation for being dumb, and the stubborn ones for being untrainable, but in general, these dogs are smart and learn quickly. They respond well to positive reinforcement techniques, especially when food rewards are offered, but harsh words will cause them to stop trying or even to hide.
Toy breeds such as Cavaliers are sometimes difficult to housetrain, mainly because people don’t put enough effort into it. If you take a Cavalier puppy out on a regular schedule, reward him for pottying outdoors and limit his freedom in the home until he’s reliable, there is no reason he can’t be housetrained as well as any other breed.
At his best, the Cavalier is an adaptable, flexible, hardy little dog. He’s happy to loll around on the sofa with you all day but ready for action when it’s offered. Although he’s classified as a toy breed, the Cavalier is at the larger end of the size scale, weighing 13 to 18 pounds. He often has the same “birdy” nature as his larger spaniel cousins, making him a good choice for people who want a dog who’s not too big but still capable of going for hikes, chasing seagulls at the beach or even retrieving quail, given the training and opportunity. He will also “hunt” butterflies and bugs and loves playing fetch with a ball or stuffed toy.
Always walk the Cavalier on a leash. When he sees a bird or other potential prey, everything else goes out of his head. All too often Cavaliers are hit by cars and killed when they chase a bird or ball -- right into the street.
It should go without saying that the Cavalier is not meant to live outdoors. He’s a family dog who needs to be with his people and protected from excessive heat and cold.