Royalair's CoCo Lata

prelims were rated OFA good, dm-car, she is a liver who carries for blue and solid colors like solid black

BIG FEMALE ! very tall very sweet , with the family a very loyal girl that will do anything for me, She is very protective as well ,more photo's to come she's going to be big this girl is awsome the color is just a bonus.She will be bred to a DM normal Stud and her full sister is evangeline. Like her brother she also carries for solid color. big girl 105. lbs at 1.5 years. and 29" tall

bred to sully she will have black and reds or red tans as she is liver and red tan..

COCO at 6 months This is a lovely dog in temer and mind to weather she has black and tan or red or blue puppies you won't go wrong with this Girl.

look how tall this girl is at 6 months duke behind her is 31" ! Strong head & bone straight heavy legs and back. very athletic, good strong food drives as well she is the type of dog who will do anything for you.

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Co Co at one year old , Yes she is Big girl very tall.27.5" ! sheding below her coat if reader when not in shed..

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shedding below but you can her her lovely conformation in this picture below 12 month old and a lean 90 lbs

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coco 14 months..


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Her full brother..below at 8 months

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This dog was bred at K9 Pines ... with Melissa Smith......




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coco pedigree as you can she she is linebred the lovely Opie !