"Moms of Royalair"

Co-females - Females that do not live with me but I sell the puppies

same gaurentee's apply and the puppies are either raised here or spend their last few weeks here.

I answer ALL my emails with in 24 hours so if you do not hear back call me! emails for my often do not come though..


email : royalairshepherds@gmail.com

The girls on this page are co- owned or of my lines. I sell and guarantee the puppies. The only differance is that mommies spend most of the time with their families instead of me. There are only so many dogs one person can spend quality time with so this is a good option for me and my dogs.

I do have other co- owned females but they are seldom bred , I put them up only when they happen to expect litter

As with any breeder check the certificates for proof of OFA if it is not there on the websight they may not actually OFA! I have been fooled OVER and OVER, even by people I thought I knew well... just because it says they OFA on the websight does not mean they do.. I would say as many as 30% who say they OFA actually do not ,always ask to see the certificate or get the number! If you buy from a breeder who lies about OFA what else are they lying about?Why start from a breeder who starts with a lie?


 german shepherd dogs for sale in illinois

Royalair silver Sophie...dm normal prelim hips & elbows look good

sweet temper,lovely color, outcross lines

silver sable german shepherds in illinois


 german shepherd dogs for sale in illinois

Royalair's Winter Rose

OFA fair hips and normal elbows DM carroir on prelim status

outcross lines

LOvely temper look and size click on her pick for more

 german shepherd dogs for sale in illinois

Rosehall-Royalair's Shelby

Prelim hips and elbows good dm normal finals will be very soon.


A lovely dog in temper and size and over all look lots of royalair lines But bred at Rosehall GSD in Tennesee

One of the best breeders out there :) awsome dog click on her pics for more

I do have a few other dogs on co ownership that are not listed on this page, because the seldom have litters ,but will always post OFA and DM information for any litter they have.

with links on the upcomming litters page....

 german shepherd dogs for sale in illinois


with links on the upcomming litters page....




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