Ear Taping of german shepherd puppies....DO IT AT 6 MONTHS NEVER WAIT BEYOND 7 MONTHS IF POSSIBLE.

It has also been my experience from haveing the new lines and the old,that the smaller, newer lines- especially of show background tend to have weaker ears at a higher rate then the old-line shepherd! So I find the theory that big shepherds have more ears that don't stand totally false,>they just take longer to get there because the growth pattern is slower! Officially the german shepherd has one year for the ears to stand. In my opinion if your pup has ears more the 3/4 up it will come up on it's own most likely but I do reccommend tapeing by 6 months and you should not wait longer as a crease can form in the ears as early as 6-8 months and if that happens the ears may not ever stand. No need to think about taping before 6 months... But do Tape before 6 months if the are not up strong by then.. OFTEN EARS CAN BE UP AT 4-5 MONTHS AND THEN FLOP BACK DOWN AT TEETHING.. Still tape if not up by 6 months it works 99% of the time... if you do not tape there is a strong possibility they will not stand on there own if they are still down by 7 months- so get it done!

Intructions on ear taping

#1 Get sponge pink perm rollers from wal-mart or k-mart and take the plastic out of the middle

#2   Go to an autoparts store and get superweatherstrip glue part # 08001 (no other glue works don't even try!)

#3   Put the glue on the roller about 3/4s of the way around the roller , so it is well covered..

# 4 Place it in the ear fairly deep inside the canal leaving about a two finger space , just enough not to completely block the ear canal. wrap the ear around the roller and hold it for a few seconds.

#5   Then distract puppy by playing ball or food for about five minutes until the glue stops itching and is well set... The roller will fall out in about 2 weeks and your ear will be up!

  Note: You do not need to tape the ears together with the tape unless they won't stand on their own with the rollers in (most stand on thier own ) If they are very down like a hound dogs and not up from the base of the scull at all by six months the ears will pobably not ever stand on there own . Illistration Below


There's a NEW type of EAR FORM THAT APPEARS TO WORK BETTER then the above method

Check these webpages below to order!

Ear Tapping supplies for the german shepherd dog


I still reccomend the weather strip glue above the glue on the websight simply wll not stay but the ear forms are the best.


Ear  inplants , flopy ears that never came up ?