Explanation of genetic testing through Embark and other tests:


Generally, breeders that are good will do more genetic testing, although breeders that generally test for disease charge more it does not necessarily mean that the most expensive puppy is the best one, I know several breeders that charge far more them me but test for nothing at all, so always do your research.


First of all, when it comes to German Shepherds it is important to do other tests that cannot be tested for via DNA, those tests, consist of hips, elbows, cardiac are the most important in my opinion, Of DNA tests the most important in My opinion it is DM. (Degenerative Myopathy)


What’s Nice about Embark is its tests for DM and 191 other genetic disease that can be detected through DNA. Embark does the most extensive DNA tests for dogs out there as far as I know. Embark is relatively new so at this point very few breeders are using it, it is also expensive for DNA tests as it tests for far more things.


One thing you need to know about Embark is carrying a gene does not mean genetic disease. Having one gene in most cases has NO impact on that particular dog other than the gene can be carried on and is only useful if you plan to breed. DO NOT overlook a good puppy that carries something if you do not plan to breed because it has absolutely no impact on the health of that dog. Most Do not have Impact on the dog unless the dog inherits the gene from both parents that’s why it is only important when breeding. This is why embark is so important, you do not know if you are crossing to lines that both carry the same gene that will have an impact on the dog.


Embark also give’s Clinical tools, Markers that have NO impact on health at all, but are helpful for vets to know in diagnostics or decision making. Something that is Very common in German shepherds is to have a low ALT marker…for their liver enzymes and you want to start as a lower base because in that German Shepherd tends to be lower to begin with and is Normal for that dog.


The best indicator of a breeder who is open and honest in my opinion is to put all tests ONLINE. Or to provide all tests of the puppy’s parents you are interested in before you purchase or put a deposit on a particular litter. Anyway I hope this explanation helps..