Royalair's Keeping the Faith C.G.C.

OFA hips, normal elbows, DM normal

DUKE & FALICE DAUGHTER.. you can't get a much better cross then that she is athletic smart as a whip and Falco senior reincarnated she has The big head and bone and the lovely tan color of her..father but much lighter ....For a female her head is huge and temper wise nothing bothers this girl.. Exceles at everything.Faith finals have just been done and the vet said hips were great but OFA gave her fair hips normal elbows on final OFAs's She also weighed 110 lbs too skinny after just weaning pups her normal vet certified lean wieght is 115 lbs at two years old so she is a BIG girl!

Big head oand bone german shepherd


look at that head! 8 weeks old

black and tan german shepherds

Faith 11 weeks


illinois german shepherds

again at 4.5 months

If ya like Big Head and Chest it's Faith ! below at 10 months and kinf of underweight too still is massive..

big tan german shepherds




Grandpa is the great Falco- Senior ! Royalair's Falco von Dolberg OFA hips /elbows CGC,TDI,CD

Faith at 3 years old below and a lean 112 lbs

Because falco was so red we should get red on some of the pups.

BIg red german shepherds

dm tested german shepherds

prelim ofa

ofa hips

ofa elbows on gsd's