FALCO in THe running shot is 11 1/2 he is not arthritic yet!

see more pics of falco this summer in COlORADO! more pics of falco




Saw a marmet otherwise a perfect pose at high altitude!


old german shepherd still healthy











falco at 10



















Falco at 12Falco at 10 months old with














jenny Falco at 14 weeks old






Falco is aboutt 2 years in these pictures!











Falco son and letter

this is typical I have had his sons and daughters average 13 to 14 years one made it to almost 15 years old..

Good morning Robyn,

I just want to let you know that our little boy Prince left us on Nov. 4th. He was one day shy of 13 1/2 years old. He was a great dog and will be surely missed for a long time to come. Prince was the offspring of Emma & Falco back in June of 2000. He had a good life, was well treated, and travelled extensively up and down the east coast.

Just wanted you to know and to say thanks for breeding such wonderful family members.

Peter & Diane Ferrara
Goshen, NY


very old german shepherd