Rosehall-Royalair Falco's Faylene

you won't find older east german lines - don , bodo and baldo

OFA GOOD HIPS ON PRELIMS , DM NORMAL,Penn hip good to excellent at 2.5 years & elbows good through OFA. long coats will be possible in her litters. every test was good! all at the bottom

LONG LIVED VERY OLD LINES... Pups from falco both male and female have averaged 13 years old and many made it to 15!

Faylene has falco's temper 100 % outgoing sweet and a dog that will do anything for you Very Calm, She is good sized  at 2 she is a very skinny 85 lbs She should be 90 by 4. .I just could not pass up a rare falco daughter you won't find lines better or older then these she came from a time when a shepherd was straight backed heavy boned and calm and long lived My Falco children have always had longer lifes then most shepherds it was just in his genetics He is a son of the great east german sieger (before the wall came down!) Before WestGermany over bred and when the east german government strived for perfection in health he was said to have never produced a dysplastic pups in over 200 litters.. Huge heads were the standard in East germanyand the dogs that came from that eara are now long gone and only brought back through rare frozen semen litters..

Dad :Royalair Falco von Dolberg CD, CGC, TDI,OFA hips and elbows.........................MOM Royalair's Mookie... huge duke duaghter 30 " and 125 lbs Long coat black and red OFA excellent hips and elbows and DM free member of the gsda 13 CLUB! SO ARE MANY SONS AND DAUGHTERS!


Big East German shepherds.......................huge OFGA excellent black and red gsd




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at 10 months below

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she has her dad's face :)

Faylenes Full brother is'nt he lovely! Pic at 1.5 years as well.

Reno her 3/4 brother ! at 2 he is OFA hips and elbows, 31" and 125lbs he will easily make 140 by four

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