Falice clipped the top of her ear off in the Flip door on her kennel, did not see how that was possible but she did it somehow.... OFA good hips and elbows also tested free of DM! Falice is very loyal and very protective of home and family she is the dog that guards are shop when we are gone... She is also probably the most athletic female here. Her kennels need a cover or she will be out fortunatly she is happy to stay at home when she does escape:)

black and red german shepherd..FALCO "falice's dad"AT FOUR YEARS she definitly took after dad!goofy german shepherd female black and red

goofy falice in the snow

Slide show falice at two in the snow

below falice at one, video on one year

Royalair's Falice is a direct Falco daughter (above) and she really takes after him. in looks and temperament. she is very outgoing and super smart, extremely easy to train (works very hard to please) and has that lovely red color. She lost the top of one ear. (I think from the spring doors in the runs?) but she is still lovely:) Her prelimOFA's came back - good- elbows normal



She's all head at this age.

big headed german shepherd falco at 8 years old look at that head!



big black and red german shepherd

She also like Heights!

brave german shepherd


Falice/Duke pup at 6 months this is falco JR

huge black and red german shepherd pup


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See her pedigree........Falices full brother below

balck and red german shepherdblack and redblack and redblack and red gsd

OFA'd German shepherds

OFA certified elbows