Freedom (Justice and Duke son)His temper is perfect, Very Brave! Nothing really bother's him including loud noise. Greets everybody with a tail wag, but is protective and does not back down to a threat.. Excellent with kids, very willing to "down" and take correction during training..overall a CALM laid back temper. Recieved OFA Good hips , G1 elbows, DM normal. He is a very Large Male at 2.5 years old he is 30" and a lean 150 lbs vet certified weight is below...This dog is in Healthy weight he is not over weight.You will be able to see that in the photo's :)He's just built like a bull moose.

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Freedom standing at one year..

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Freedome weight.


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Photo's Just taken at 2.5 years of age...Below

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The Muscle of this dog is amazing look at the hind end !


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Her he is with shadow his great great great grandma.. Here also you can see that he is not overwieght at 150 + lbs you can just make out his ribs in this photo.

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