Pigmy Goats for sale .MINI LOP GOATS!

in IOWA... my goal the

smallest possible goat .. with lopped ears !

TEXT 641-990-9901 for purchasing

females &150, bucks or weathers $75.00

pedigree provided. but new breed..so it may be short one :)


mini lop goat

babies born in our shop in baby pool.. lots of socialization.

dawrf goats for sale in iowa

This little boy is FOR sale at weaning....born 3/4/17

dwarf goat for sale

mini lop goats , minny goats pigmy goats

My three girls are Peaches and her daughter Peanut & Pepper and both are SMALL! My buck is a small nini nubian with blue eyes !

Rosco pigmy male ear number 3467. was last male My new male.. Mini nuby male Ransom -white w/blue eyes

will get pictures soon Babies will be 50 -75 dollars each for boys 150 for girls..

Pigmy dwarf goats


Pepper ear number # 0051 50% nigerian dwarf /50 % Pigmy mother peaches sire rosco color black flecked and white

Peaches 100 % nigerian dwarf (parent names unknown)ear # 0046

Rosco 100 % registered pigmy , but was not given papers ear #3467 grey, brown and white

Peanut pigmy nigerian cross mother peaches ear numer #0047 color black and white... sire names was charles 100 % pigmy

ransom registered mini nubian/ blue eye's

mini nubian goats

mini lop goats