Pigmy's with blue eyes's and better personalities Great pets and milkers :)

small heard always less then 10 goats.

in IOWA... my goal the

smallest possible goat .. & blue eyes, and extravigant color's..Focusing on goats who do not escape.. and on the calmer sweeter side. with much more socialization then most pigmy breeders.

I want goats who will stay inside normal fencing these goats are easy to keep because of their small size..With in three years they have nearly elimated the weeds in my horse pasture's , I finally now have a horse pature that is grass and not weeds or cockle burs! we have many places that a mower can not get to they take care of those places to! The best non- chemicle weed and brush killer there is!

TEXT 641-990-9901 for purchasing

females &150-350, bucks or weathers $75.00 to $150

dehorned and disbudded avaiable for 20 dollars a goat.

pedigree provided.

BOTTLE BABIES are sometimes avaiable but will not seperate unless I have to...

Vaccinated and LICE FREE!!! unlike so many other breeders of dwarfs!

babies born in our shop in baby pool.. lots of socialization.


Valentino at one week old. born on Valentines day!

pigmy/ dawrf goats for sale

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My three girls are Peaches and her daughter Peanut & Pepper and both are SMALL!

Rosco pigmy male ear number 3467. was last male My new male.. Mini nuby male Ransom -white w/blue eyes


Pigmy dwarf goats , blue eyed goats for sale

My polled (naturally no horns) blue eyed buck registered nigerian dwaf

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blue eyed gots for sale dwarf goats for sale in Iowa

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