Royalair's Black Jetta of Stonehill

wonderful, calm, laid back, and soft tempered -solid black female prelims OFA good hips and elbows,

DM -normal carries for blue color. and solid black of course and long coat.. Sweet laid back girl from my old lines

and stone hill german shepherds... crossed back to my lines I expect good size bone and super tempers. Depending on who is is bred to she may produce solid blacks but I expect most of her pups will be darker patterned black and tans or reds Blue is possible.. as she carries that gene.

Her temper is on the calmer side, very playful, very friendly, and outgoing to just a really nice stable temper. she very lean and tall about 27+" at one year


black german shepherds


12 weeks above

Jetta at 8 months old below she is very tall and this right now and very lean she is going to be a big girl-yep she's stealing the fish food !

the shot below shows her Shiney black and he pretty head and eyes :)


dm free black german shephetrds