Royalair's Jozey of Freedom (Riley & Freedom Daughter)

OFA good hips & normal elbows dm clear-normal

This Girl has the Best of tempers for a german shepherd outgoing friendly and very sweet, submissive, she is a remake of her mother except a touch lighter in color and she recieved a rare OFA excellent on her prelims and on finals recieved OFA good hips and normal elbows..DM- clear.and one of my biggest girl at 105 lbs at two years old..she is probably about 115 lbs at this time.

Royalair's Josey Josey and her brother at 9 weeks

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Brother and sister legend and Josey at nine months old. BIG PUPPIES!

....Big tan OFA certified german shepherds

Josey at 9 months below

straight backed german shepherds

Josey at two years old in pics below, she is a large heavy boned girl.

huge bone and head female german shepherd


black and tan german shepherd

large black and tan

OFA excellent hips on a german shepherd

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