Royalair's Sand's of Time... AKA Katie already 99.5 lbs at 7.5 months . she's gonna be a 120Plus pound girl for sure. DM clear, hip &elbow testsbelow

(Panda & Stryker daughter) Tan sable, carries for blue & white ,blue sables possible..

Katie is super smart, lovely ooutging lady with and incredible temper..take's everything in stride nothing much bothers her...BIG head and bone like both parents..



Below is a blue sable with a little of the same lines this pictures shows how pretty blue sables are:)

Katie prelims , through OFA below.. She will go infor finals at two for some reason my dogs always get fair as pups then go onto good to excellent when older I thinks ist just because they grow so fast..



her color genetics.. basically she carries, for sable, black and tan, Black and silver, white and blue