Royalair's Levi Jeans

OFA "GOOD" HIPS,G1 elbows DM N/A

at 3 years old he is 29" and 110 lbs very lean.


Levi is wonderful in temperament and look. He is laid back, the calmest GSD you will find and does not have a mean bone in his body and all of his bro's and sisters have been the most awsome of family pets as well and there were 11 of them ! He has the most lovely light collored eyes that makes him look really cool... and has a lovely black and red/tan collar with reddish highlights. AS he gets older he has turned to a black and red....He is distantly line bred on kodiak bear.. WHEN people meet him, He is always the one people want puppies from he has a presence that is truely Royalair

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black and red straight backed german shepherds

straight backed german shepherds

red german shepherds


light eyes german shepherds

checkin out the birds... perfect gsd stand lots of hind end muscle

show shepherd


Photo's at 7 months of age..

black and red german shepherds

black and red german shepherds


Photo's at one year of age out side on our walk as you can see he was tan as a pup and has truned red with age..

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Levi at 15 months taken in October 2014 He is growing into a fine young man head shots all sides..


Huge headed german shepherds



big headed german shepherds for sale

and look you can have a straight back solid muscle very little angulation and still have a flying gait!

a german shepherd with out heavy angulation but a show gait

akc german shepherds





Levi's MOM Darby and dad is falco jr.. BOth OFA good hips and normal elbows..

big tan german shepherd....big headed dog levi's dad

levi's sister and bother below a big girl with awsome temper too

levi's sister..big red german shepherds