Roylair's True Freedom's Logan (Freedom SON!)mom is willow out of Angelic's German shepherds "Flare" and my 'Silver Mark" both were OFA excellent.

Black and Tan with light eye's Carries for Blue and Liver color as well.Very calm, sweet pup. But at the same time very athletic, he can outrun , out distance, and has more stamina then every other dog I have on the four wheeler..:)

Dm Normal OFA good hips and elbows on prelim Staus (will do pen -hips too )Very heavy pup at 7 months old very stocky athletic conformation..

Freedom ..His dad is 30 " and a lean 150 lbs so he has potential to be a bg boy.He is growing very slow which is a very good thing :)

picture at 4 months below

full sister at 5 months bel

logan ant 7 months...... & 8 months filling out a bit


logan at 8 months the rest of the pics will get more after a year of age his eyes are awsome!


cute logan look at those eyes pics below at one year

german shepherd with light eyes


These photo's show his size aprox at 8 months of age first next to other dogs at bottom in the living room


german shepherd with yellow eyesgerman shepherd with with light yellow eyes

vet and I thought he would go excellent but OFA gave him a good- with normal elbows