Royalair's Blue Mist..powder blue german shepherd

OFA - good prelim, finals- penn hipp at 2.5 years rated as "good" with in 90 th Percentile all tests below.elbows Normal though OFA all tests shown at the bottom.

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This Girl was a bit of a Suprise! (he pedigree is below she has no known blue lines)..But was a wonderful surprise I hope to breed her to one of my big males that carry for blue :)Her prelims were rated as good and she is DM normal..First litter hoped for fall 2017. even if she does not have blue she will produce red color , awsome temper she is one of my best females even with the color aside mostly royalair by bloodline..NO she is not at all related to the Dog called misty blue.or have any of those lines ... pedigree below..Powder blue, blue's that tend to still look blue as adults are very rare.

Misty at 8 weeks old

Blue german shepherd for sale

Misty 12 weeks and Lucy 9 months pictures below


black and red and blue and tan german shepherds for sale

4.5 months old

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Misty with Jayda , also 4 months, Misty is twice her size .This picture shows her amazing color. blue and red with White/silver underneith!

Blue german shepherds for sale

Misty @ 6 months below Misty is considered a Rare Powder Blue which are even more rare then a normal blue! ..But I have never seen a powder blue with a more truer blue them misty , she is truely unique. and I have no idea if she can be reproduced.Blue german shepherds for sale

Poweder blue german shepherd

Misty at 1 year old below these next two photo's with saber shows the contrast of her blue and red/tan with his black and silver color wize It is hard to find any size in blue gsd's-not to mention that excellent conformation & temper..

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IT is hard to get her true color on camera, pictures do not do her justice.

powder blue german shepherds for sale



prelims were done by OFA she recieved a good, finals were done by penn hips at 2.5 years of age and she recieved a "good" .33 see all tests below

OFA blue german shepherds


akc blue german shepherds

DM tested blue german shepherds

Misty's Pedigree...