Baughman's Chocolate Moose of Royalair

OFA hips & elbows of prelim status DM is CAR

Moose at 1 year old is a lean 100 lbs, and 29" tall.

This guy is an out cross I do have two of his sisters to I like their over all temper and size, very athletic, outgoing and naturally protective nature's should be a good cross with my lines. They are all good sized, Tall and good bone which is very hard to find with the collered german shepherds and had good hips and elbows on preliminary evaluations which is very good and seldom done or even tested in lines who carry for blue and liver Moose and his sisters will be a good cross with Royalair lines ,Moose and his sisters should ad very athletic bodies and strong tempers to Royalair..


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7 weeks old above

pictures at 9 months This guy depending on what he is bred to will most likley though normal black and tans and reds.. or solid black as his mother was solid liver

Moose was bred by Jackie Baughman @ Baughman German Shepherds


this photo is out of focus but it shows you how tall he is already..


Tarzan his dad just below red issabella german shepherd.Owned by buaghman's german shepherds, Bred @ K9 pines German Shepherds by Melissa Smith

Pedigree's will come out as soon as I get them uploaded !


.....issabella blue german shepherds in iowa


Liver german shepherds for sale in iowa

pictures below of the net of what liver gsd's look like

This is

Opie Vom Fleischerheim (liver color)Moose is linebred on him.

adult liver gsd...


Solid liver color or solid blue color and silid black he carries for all.. as well as patterned blue example of solid liver below and blue below


solid blue



Mooses pedigree below .. same as COCO his full sister ..