Royalair's Mahogany Mylee

Grandaughter of Duke and Trinity , Her dad is an outcross line.

Deep mahogany black and red ... Lovely outgoing ,  middle to high energy

will do anything you ask ,any time.. smart as a whip, very athletic super looking hips and elbows and dm clear I thought she should go

excellent on prelims, but OFA gave her a good hips, normal elbows. DM clear/normal

She is with a co owner ,But will be here with me for having her litters...

The pics below she is 11 months old.  at one year she''s a skinny 75 lbs  lbs and 26" so a good sized girl too.  as she should gain another 10-20 lbs by 3

She's got the sneak down in the pic below

This is her mom.