New puppy letters:


Hi Robin,

I know there is no way you could remember me, but I got a dog from you back in Nov of 2000.  Cully (that's his name) was born in Sept (Sept 5th, I think) of 2000.  Falco was his daddy and (I think) Samantha is his mama.  He was the only male born in a litter with 6 sisters.  I thought you'd like to know how he is doing after all these years.  Well, I can tell you he is doing WONDERFUL!!!  Cully is almost 9 years old and most people think he's 2 or 3 years old - yes, THAT'S how good of shape he's in!!!  He never got real big - about 80lds lean (he has stayed lean his whole life - I wish I could say the same : )  his hip and elbows are perfect - he shows NO sign of slowing down or showing his age!  I met my husband a few years after I got Cully and they are best friends, we were blessed to have a little girl 2 years ago and Cully is amazing with her - I have to admit I was a little concerned, because he has always been 'the baby', but there was no jealousy ect he just accepted Abby as part of the family and a new 'pup' to look after!  I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten about Cully over the years - how calm he is, how intelligent, how handsome, how gentle,  ( I even had a trainer tell me it was so nice to meet a GSD that looked 'normal' and wasn't crazy!).  Needless to say I have given your name out to many people over the years and I hope some of them ended up getting one of your shepherds. 

I know when the day comes (hopefully not for many more years) we'll be getting our next dog from your kennel!  I've been meaning to drop you an e-mail for a long time, and finally got around to it.  I guess I just want to say THANK YOU for being a responsible breeder and for preserving and improving the wonderful GSD - with enough breeders like you the German Shepherd has a long and healthy future!  Thanks again for all you do, and if you get a chance please let me know how things are at the kennel ect.

Thanks again,

Anne Wilson (formally Anne Albrecht)


Hi Robin,

I emailed you a couple of years ago when I was looking for an old fashioned shepherd.  I contacted Emily Roberts with RoseHall, and waited 9 months for a Jordan son.  Shemie (Falco/Roxie) is hs mom and he was the only survivor of her first litter (premie delivery).  Well our Griffin is now a year old and has turned into a beautiful boy.  I will attach a pic of him.  He is very smart and lives to play fetch. He is everything we wanted in a shepherd and we get compliments on his size, good looks, and intelligence constantly.  He just got back his prelim-OFA and he is Good!  We are very pleased, since Emily has breeding rights to use him if she wants, and we would like to someday have a female and possibly breed ( on a veryyyy small scale).  Aside from letting you see the result of your excellent breeding, I wanted to ask your opinion on picking a female for our family.  I am inclined to seek an outcrossed girl of sort since Griff is line bred to Falco on both sides.  Emily has some new girls and I have been looking at your Goldie and Mark.  We are probably a year or so from takng the leap to get a girl, but I spend time looking and researching and hoped you might give me your input since it is your breeding goals and experience that have given us such a great dog!  I have also looked at the Valientdale dogs, since Mark is such a great sire.  They seem to be higher drive dogs and we really like the more laid back style.  Griff has quite a bit of drive to fetch and deffinately wants to please, but I wouldn't want much more. 

Hope all of your family (canine and otherwise) are well and I hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa Hays

Gatlinburg Tenn

Person of RoseHall's Griffin of Greenbrier 1 yr 016.jpg 1 yr 012.jpg


Hello, Merry Christmas & all that...


Djibouti, Sam & I are doing well. Djibouti is gorgeous, but much, much more important, he has a temperament beyond compare. He's perfect, absolutely perfect, with TONS of personality, too. As sweet as he is, he can be a bit pushy at times & opinionated. I do like some attitude, so I'm pleased to see him acting a mite assertive now & then. He's never belligerant, never unpleasant, always manageable. He continues to respect Sam's authority though he's itching to take over the world. More & more he likes to run out the door before her but he's always careful to see that she's waaaay behind him so it won't be construed as a real challenge. He's funny as well as sweet. And definitely a thinker.


Sam continues to be Sam, just an all around terrific matriarch & outstanding companion. She's a bit assertive with Spanky, the American Bulldog, & acts about 5 yrs old whenever Spanky enters the room. Except for her mild 'bitchiness' with Spanky she's beautifully mannered, always pleasant, extremely reliable & just a 1 in a million kinda girl.


An area where I'm exceptionally proud of both Sam & Djibouti is their behavior towards bratty little yappy snappy beast dogs. Both are soooooo tolerant of small dogs, even small dogs that want to act up. They simply give 'em an OhSoDisdainful LOOK & then utterly ignore them. This is yet another example of breeding for a truly outstanding temperament! You're to be commended in so many ways for the wonderful dogs you produce.


Djibouti is still intact. I plan to keep him intact unless there's ever a reason to neuter him. I won't breed him. Keeping him intact hasn't been a problem. My bitches are all spayed & I simply never let him out in the yard unless I'm there with him so I can be CERTAIN he doesn't go over the fence seeking true*true love.


Is that a littermate of Djibouti's that you're breeding to Mark? Do you know if you'll breed Jade again? (Jade is a full sib, but not a littermate) (Djibouti is a Goldie/Kody son from Nov 2007)


I'm full up on pets for awhile, but I keep an eye on your site b/c I know there's another Royalair GSD in my future.


Thanks so much for continuing to breed such exemplary dogs. 


Jacinta Quijana


The more I see, the more deeply convinced I am that a truly solid temperament is largely rooted in good genes. Socialization & training are necesaary to maximize the attributes of a good temperament. They can also be invaluable in understanding, coping with & compensating for a poor temperament, but the foundation is good genes.


Even knowledgeable, careful breeders will get pups that are weak nerved, timid or mentally wonky, but good breeding sure minimizes that possibility. Even more important, it drastically reduces the chances of getting a pup who's temperament/mental stability is so seriously awry the pup will be very difficult to manage, perhaps even dangerous. IMO, your dogs are a bargain. (I know that very good dogs can come from some really bad sources. It's just much more of a gamble...A gamble I'm unwilling to take. I'm selfish enough to want to enjoy my dogs.)


Sam turned 11 this month. She's just a great, great girl, looking very good, very sound, still active, healthy, loving & affectionate.


Funny thing...I'd hoped that Djibouti would look like Kody. In many ways I think Goldie is a better looking GS, but I adore that leggy stallion look Kody has. Wellll, Djibouti looks much more like Mom, though considerably larger & very masculine. As it turns out, I'm absolutely thrilled with how he looks! He couldn't be more perfect. Of course his beauty starts from within. He's a guy with character, intelligence, loads of personality & sound judgment(for a 2yr old male, LOL).


He's a hit with people everywhere, especially children. He's generally fearless, not easily startled & recovers immediately when he is surprised & he's always, always always unfailing GENTLE. NO growling, snarling, hackling, spooking, shying. He's just a steady, reliable absolutely trustworthy guy. It doesn't get any better!









My older son is a 6-foot man to give you perspective on Ellie's size. Doesn't she have the cutest face ever?!


I'll copy a few friends and relatives here with a note that Robin is Ellie's breeder and Ellie is one-year-old this weekend at 110 pounds.


Michael—shantar/phoenix pup –line is silver mark





Hi, Robin:


Here is a photo of Ella (Jericho & Gracie daughter - litter mate to Mary Vezina's pup) playing in the snow. She is almost as big as Gracie (not filled out, of course) and she's only seven months!!! also, she has her mama's looks and dad's personality ... what a combo!!! She's an amazing dog ... but with Royalair on both sides of her parentage, how could she be anything else???




Hello! My name is Tashy Dozier, and my father purchased a puppy from you

three years ago. I was just surfing the web, and came across your web

site, and saw the pictures. I would like to thank you for the blessing

that you gave my family and I three  years ago! I have attached a

picture of kobe, and would have never in a million years though that the

cute puppy my father and I picked up from DIA three years ago would be

the our oversized ball of joy. By the way my fathers name is Steven

Dozier, and he worked with you all about three years ago to get kobe.

Thanks for your time and thanks for the wonderfull puppy/big baby lol!







Robin, just to let you know that lillith's vet weight is 120lbs on the dot. what a big teddy bear. she put some guys shepherd to shame at the vet office today in both behavior and size. she's a great girl"




Hi Robin!


I hope your summer is going well.  Not sure if you remember me, but Jeff and I bought a male from you last summer from the River/Katie litter (born May 30th 2009).  I just wanted to let you know he is a terrific dog, and everything we had been looking for!  Great temperament, super smart, and wonderful around other dogs & kids. 


At almost 14 months old he is about 27 1/2" inches at the shoulder and around 82 lbs so far, but looks like he still has a lot of filling out to do.  He changed so much in color from when he was a pup, we thought he was a different dog almost every day!


I've attached a few pictures in case you'd like to use them on the website.  Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful line of Shepherds!


All the best,

Carrie McAlvany & Jeff Loffredo

Grayslake, IL with Kelly, 1 yr old.jpg

Bronson is fantastic!   10 months now and my personal ‘moose in training’  He’s only up to 82lbs right now  (is that normal??)    attached are some of the newest pics of him


Looking forward to seeing new pictures!  I have also attached a picture of Ozzy (from Nikki and Silvermark), Sara (rescue), and our daughter, Jessica


Thanks, & Sara 2008-08-03 - with Jessica.jpg


Hi Robin,

  Its been about 3 1/2 years since I received my boys. The are like the sun and the moon completely different and their personalities are so fun! One a complete cuddler and pouts and the other is fine just being around and is always smiling. They love people and are great around my friends kids, which to me says alot being that they aren't around kids too often.


I saw that you still had some 'baby' pics of them on the site with Goldie and thought you might like to see them now.

So here they are. Echo 'Pokie' the doddler is about 29 1/2 at the shoulder and Krieger the thicker build is 28 at the shoulder.

Thanks again for such wonderful boys!


I'll send a copy of the paperwork when I get it, but I wanted to let you know that Biscuit did a great job at her TDX test yesterday! It was a very challenging track, and at times I almost wished the judges would whistle us off, just to end the torture of letting her work through every challenging spot (the deer lays and paths were EVERYWHERE). But, thank God the judges were patient and recognized that she was always working, and finally we made it to that dang glove!  I've never been so happy to see anything in my entire life!


So now, she is officially Royalair's Biscuit Lane, CGC, TD, TDX. Hooray!!!!  VST, here we come. TDX1.jpg


Dear Robin,


Ellie is the best dog I have ever owned, and I have always owned dogs and loved them deeply. She had her 8-month check up and weighs in at 87.9 pounds. (Do you think she'll hit 110?)


I'm attaching a picture of her and my son, Mikayle. How many dogs do you know that allow children to sleep on them? Ellie's so special. ...


Ellie gives my wife and me about 1-2 hours of dog-sitting each day. She takes pillows from the bed and brings them to her bed--something I have never seen before; of course, she fetches and does tricks. But the wonderful thing about her is how she thinks she is a girl, not a dog; we have about a dozen kids in the neighborhood, and she plays hide and seek with them, always hiding with the girls in our large backyard acreage.


I will have more pictures soon. Would you like me to continue updates?


Thank you for breeding the most wonderful German Shepherd Dogs.




AKA Sassafras…..


5 months old and


HI Robin!

      Just thought I'd let you know how we are doing. Piper is growing like a weed. Today I took him to the vet just to be weighed. At 6 months he weighs 83.3 lbs. In class our instructor used him as an example of how a Shepherd should be. This after one lady was amazed at how laid back he is. Don't get me wrong he would play 24/7 if you let him, but he is not at all hyper.

      Almost 3 mos ago I was hired at Petsmart. I wanted to be a dog trainer, but was hired as a cashier. This weekend the store manager approached me asking if I would consider becoming a dog trainer. I couldn't believe it. All my life I have worked in hospitals (the pay is good & still work 2 days a week at one), but all I ever really wanted in my life was to work with dogs. I can't help but think it's because of Piper. He is so smart, he picks up on whatever is being taught immediately. He is used frequently in class to demonstrate. I don't think I can take credit for this as he is just so smart! So, here I am at 53 yrs old finally being offered my life long dream of doing something that I have wanted to do since I was a teenager. I believe all because of my little Piper!

      Anyone can come up to him and pet him. From small children to retired people. We are still working on his approach to new dogs, though once we get past that he just wants to play. So, thanks again for breeding such a great dog! Will send some pictures soon ( he looks like Molly).

                                                                                                                                                                      Deb Connell



It appears all the Females pups for the Silver & Mark litter are available. Can you verify this. My wife Kim and I are interested in a female companion for Sasquatch (Kody & Knicki pup). We have a much larger yard and are ready for a new addtion. Please let me know ASAP. Picture is Sas in our old back yard. Pics 07 050.jpg


Thank you Robin, I am glad Goldie has found a good home with one of her offspring. I am not ready for a puppy right now but when I am I will be contacting you.

You would be very proud of our Max he is a lot like Hawkeye he is 115 healthy pounds of pure joy and love.

Thank you, Greg Nichols


Hi Robin,


Not sure you remember us, we took home the “extra” puppy from Macy Gray and Silver Mark’s litter in Jan of 2008.  Luther has had so many things happen since he left IA.  He excelled in obedience, and the trainer recommended us to a Schutzhund trainer here in the Wentzville area.  Luther is really doing well and loves his bi-weekly sessions.  He is going for his family obedience and his P1 protection this spring (dogs must be 2 to compete).


Luther is now just over 2 and 121 pounds, as you will see in his photo’s, he has not quite filled out yet like his daddy.  I am guessing when he does he might weigh a little more.  He is by far the largest dog the Schutzhund club has seen compete.  Luther is also a registered service dog with Service Dogs of America and has his own badge and membership number.  He is also dual registered in the UKC so he can compete in trials.  We are going to be starting him on tracking this spring as well, our trainer also does the police dogs for STL and surrounding areas so we have great leadership.


I was out checking your site as we are thinking of getting a female friend for Luther.  No breeding, as Luther was neutered, but as a companion for him as well as us.  I would most likely train her with Luther so she would likely need to be the less laid back type.  I did notice that you are having fewer litters this year due to some of your girls retiring, so we may need to wait till next winter/spring 2011.  We are in no hurry so we have time for the right baby.  Luther is dominant so I am guessing a female might be the right choice for him, but suggestions are welcome!


Luther has taken to sleeping in bed with us.  He had a terrible scare with bloat back in August where he was rushed to the ER in the middle of the night, they did tube him and release the gas, then he went in to have his stomach tacked the next day.  Thank God for medical insurance!  Since then I have been nervous to not have him right where I can see him…I know..mommy syndrome.  Well he really likes that though cause he sleeps next to me, he even shares my pillow with me.  There is nothing like rolling over and getting a mouth full of wet nose in the middle of the night!  But I love it.  I wanted to write you to tell you how much we love this big lug and how much he means to our family.  I have never loved a “child” more than I have loved him.  Thank you for saving his life that night back in Nov of 2007.


Your Friends from MO,


Lowell, Stacy, and Luther

And he was the runt of the litter and still have a good head even


Hey Robin,

I was just looking at you site and thought I'd drop you a line.

I've purchased two shepherds from you back in the mid 90's and the latest in the summer of 2000 (His name is Chance)

He is a son of Falco and I think the mother was Kira (not sure). He is beautiful Red and Black

Anyway, he is 10 years old now and has been a wonderful family pet.

He has been and continues to be great with kids and very loyal.


I understand Falco passed a few years ago.  I remember seeing him at your house.  He was magnificent.

I remember him picking up a big rock in the driveway and bringing it to me.  (That giant head)  He was really something.

I'm sure you miss him.  One of a kind.


That's how we think of our boy.


He's slowing down and I think doesn't here as well as he used to.  But still alert and loving.

We feed him Eukanuba Large breed senior.

We want to extend his life as long as possible


Anyway just wanted to say Hello and you never know we could be back for a new puppy one of these days.

Anytime we talk about a different breed my little girl reminds us that "we are shepherd people"  I guess she's right.







Rob McDonald

JDE Equipment

Traverse City, MI






We hope all is well with you and your family.  We thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of one of your Royalair GSDs on one of his visits to our Nations Capital.  This morning we took Kuruk to DC and this time we thought to take a camera.   He's been up there a few times to get accustomed to crowds.  He's doing wonderful and stays focused even though he draws a crowd everywhere he goes, especially with kids.   He is a big, gentle, sweet a guy and never gets overly excited about anything except maybe Mary who he loves unconditionally.  He is a great dog and we are very proud of him.   He's everything we hoped for and then some.   He's healthy, happy and smart as a whip.  He completed his puppy one and two obedience training with ease.  He is a little over 10 months old, roughly 30 inches at the shoulder and weights120 pounds.   He's so big I ended up taking the fold down back seat out of my extended cap F150 pickup so he would have more room.  He travels well and loves to go with us.  The only time he gets excited is when we and pull down the driveway at the end of a ride.  He loves getting home almost as much as going somewhere.  All we have to do is say "you want to go" and he's moving towards the front door.   We'll keep in touch to let you know how he's doing.  thanks for a great dog. 


Ray and Mary

Stafford VA.    







I wanted to send you a pic of Gabe (Royalair Oso Gabriel). This is him at 6 1/2 months. He weighed 88.2 pounds then. Presently he is 9 months and 29 inches tall, weighs 106 lbs. Gabe stops everything where-ever we go.

I have been told by many people that he is the most beautiful, best mannered and most intelligent dog they have ever met. This includes retired breeders- one from Europe- that have said he is the most beautiful, good moving German Shepherd they have seen in the US.


He has a mix of tan, black and silver witha beautiful mask. He has cleared our driveway in one jump- that is about 11 feet across. Currently thses are the commands he knows and has the concentration fo follow through on at least 95% of the time:

Sit, down, wait,bark, no-bark,go find,look under, go down, go up, go around, get in, get out,shake hands. There are more, i just can't think of them. He also warned me a bout a snake in the yard, and a varmit going after one of our other animals.


We want to be able to change his registration to breedable. What do we need to do that? Please let me know asap so we can do the paper work.


He is incredible and we wouldn't trade him for the moon.

Best regards,

Sharon Davis


Hi Robin,


We made it safe home and Tucker was wonderful!  He slept the whole day and was not sick once.  He is quite the little tracker with his nose.  Found our hotel room by sniffing his way to the door and sitting down waiting for me to open the door.  I was so amazed!  He seems very smart!  He went to day camp with Molly while we were at work.  Molly is the 1st picture and Tucker is by the water bowl on the 2nd pic with Molly in the back ground.  Molly was born 9 Feb 2009, her dad is Silver Mark and Mom is Goldie.  I get more complements on her.  She weighed 97lbs at her last visit a few weeks ago, she's a big girl. Great temperament as Tucker seems to have also.  I will send you more pics of him as he grows. Thanks so much!


Polly 131.jpg


Donna & Robin,


  I again want to thank you for the “most beautiful and perfect German Shepherd” that has ever been produced. Reno will be 3 on January 9th and is an absolutely wonderful. He is still all puppy and loves everybody, especially kids. The only problem with him is that being the horse he is, see 135 #’s, he still had no idea how big he is.  His tail will clear the coffee table with one swish of the tail. As you can see, he is definitely not loved and gets no attention. So you may be asking what is that? What does a 135# GSD eat for dinner. That would be a piece of firewood out of daddies firewood box. He likes to walk over to the wood pile and grab the biggest piece to carry around and nibble on. The apple does not fall too far from the tree as you can see.

 He is so energetic that we may have to have him neutered to calm him down. We have been working on it for 3 years and made a little headway but still has a long way to go. Do you have any suggestions? I would prefer not to neuter him but have to consider that option. Do they make a pill for this? LOL.

 We were hoping to breed him with a good female but have not come across any. A couple of people wanted to breed him to theirs but they were not OFA’d and I told them without it that I would not do it. I said unless it was for the betterment of the breed I would not do it and they must be OFA’d first. So, we have yet to find anybody or any dam “worthy” of his gene pool.

Everybody loves him and we get stopped all the time to ask about him. Even the vet says he has the best temperament of ANY German Shepherd dog she has ever seen. Three years and NOT one growl. Now he does like to bark through the fence at other dogs but that is it. He loves to play with all other dogs. Now, there was this one time, he did snap and go after the neighbors GSD after the other dog thought it would be wise to try and mount Reno. Good things both dogs were on leashes as Reno would have bit him in half. The other dog was only 60#’s and Reno at 130# was over twice his size. It would have been ugly. Two seconds later he was calm and relaxed, so it all worked out well.


Anyway, enjoy the pictures. I have the original and hope to have him for 15 more years. He gets NuVet vitamins everyday and eats Evo and Fromm’s dog food. He will eat anything except cantaloupe which he spits out. Funny to see.


Thank you,


Patrick & Katherine Bowman

Georgetown, TX




    This is Nin, I got a silver sable female from you about 3yrs ago, named Lillith. She's an Indy/ Magic daughter. Had a little tough time at first with her as puppy but now, she's my baby. We found a great outlet for her abundant energy, catching frisbees and playing in the surf at the beach. She's just over #yrs old, 27" at the shoulder and a beefy 125lbs, summer weight average of about 117lbs. She's pretty head strong but that just makes it more fun when she only listens to me. Lol. She is so attached to my three nephews (5, 4, and 1 1/2) that she won't let anyone in the yard with them nor let them out of her sight. My father is so taken with her that he wants to get a puppy from you. He's more of a classic black and tan or black and red color guy though, he does find Lily's coloring unique and beautiful. I'm wondering what the waiting list looks like for a male and a female. Preferably one from parents with a little less play drive than Lily. Lol. My dad's an older guy so I don't think he'll have the energy to take him/her to the beach three days a week like I do my girl. Just wanna get an idea of what you had coming up. I was thinking of getting him a pup for his birthday or around the time of late August or later. I'm also thinking of another dog for myself. My heart is still set on a very dark pattern or a solid black, male prefered, but that could be a while before I'm ready for another big dog. I also wanted to know if you could maybe give me a price on a male and one on a female of classic coloring so I'll know how much to start sending in till he/ she is ready.


    I can't thank you enough for giving me such an incredible dog. I'll send an update pic of her soon with her beautiful thick winter coat soon. One more question I had was, what happened to her dam, Magic? Hope 2010 is a great year for you and your doggies 


Hello Robin,


I've attached two pictures we just took of Thor today ("light female" from the recent Phoenix/Shantar litter).  She is almost four months of age.  She is such a beautiful, courageous, smart, energetic, wonderful dog. She weighed in one week ago at the vet's at 36 pounds (at 3.5months of age) and healthy as can be.  We took a gamble buying her sight-unseen from California and it has truly paid off.  We're in love.  She is a fan of soccer and loves to play with all dogs and people we meet.  Everyone in the neighborhood knows her -- she's just so stunning, it's hard to forget her.  The Black and Silver (on her, the silver is more of an off-white cream color) is really stunning and so unusual that she really stands out in a crowd.  When I walk her, people know her and love her, coming up to her and saying "Hello Thor!"  She has excellent temperament, and we love watching her grow.  She is growing so fast! 


If you need a reference in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can give people my name and email address. I'll sing your praises. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our four-footed baby!




Eye circles are common with my lines older dog with eye circle below

heidelburg 005.jpg