8 week old puppies now ready to go....in ILLINOIS!

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Des moines area : The demoine obedience club and has every class needed for your dog ! There is nothing better the both you and your dog going to classes together




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What is wrong with this picture? this puppy has such an extreme roach back, it is already crippled Advertized top german va ,shutzhund lines line for 4000 dollars YUCK!Poor baby :( this is what our breed has come to. the american show dogs are even better then this..

The German breeders praise the roach back as a stronger, sounder back. Well untill I see a wild Canine "ANY" wild canine with a roach back I refuse to beleive it is stronger! Nature selects the strongest all wild canines have straight backs! & for those that say a larger sized shepherds live shorter lives , again the longest lived wolf is the northern canadian wolf who is much bigger (up to 175lbs) is longer lived then smaller variaty of wolfs and much longer lived then the tiny fox..For those german breeders that have emailed me to complain Once again "Hyena's are NOT Canines!

roach back german line