Large, old fashioned ,laid back, Family German Shepherds German shepherd puppies sometimes for sale

"Bringing back what the shepherd used to be for 25 years"

OFA Hips and Elbows on all parent dogs & and a longer and more extensive guarantee then any other breeder I know (no return of dog required)

Only GSD breeder with Two OFA Excellent hips AND normal elbows Stud Dogs !

I answer ALL my emails with in 24 hours so if you do not hear back call me! emails for me, often do not come though or you do not get m response..


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See my You Tube Page with all my dogs and family

Please click on the buttons below for lots of German Shepherd information. and all about my dogs -lots of photo's so be patient The "Links" are in RED OR BLUE.

0ther links most written by me :)

German shepherd history in pictures (see how they have changed from years ago- both German and American show lines)

Another great video on show dogs- notice the winner is all german lines.. they are no better then american show lines

Why OFA and why you should not buy from breeders who don't!

MY DOG BLOG: Shepherds Rule!

Breeding your German shepherd

NEW!!! ROYALAIR GERMAN SHEPHERD PHOTO ALBUM! (this will continue to grow, it is only JUST beginning!)

German shepherd Store - shirts, stickers calendars and more made with Royalair German Shepherds!

Other animals owned by friends and neighbors and me :)

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*Here are Some reasons to adopt a ROYALAIR GSD!

* I do not have a forward or background goal to breed for Ring sport (schutzhund) or Conformation show dogs. I breed quality AKC Registered GSD's (AKC is DNA-certified-) out for other registries! Many breeders have been kicked out by AKC, very easy to cheat with no DNA check. AKC is the only one which will require DNA checks when necessary.

* I get temperament certifications on parent dogs, I don't just say they are trained.

* The guarantee extensive! I guarantee for 3 years all genetic disease and honor this!!!!!( no return of your dog is required!)

* Temperament is guaranteed!!

* Parents OFA certified (the best system and the only one recognized by AKC)

* Refunds for temperament and obedience certifications.

*I am Purposely staying with older lines- with the goal to bring back the old Large shepherd. Without being stuck on the giant shepherd breeder syndrome, where OFA and Temperament are last in consideration

* Staying very small and select!!!!

* Keeping my old dogs- to see them grow old!!!- of my nine dogs 2 are spayed!- visit my old dogs and see their health.

* Not in it for the money, more in it for the love of the breed!!!!

**I have been breeding German Shepherds only and living in the same town for 25 years I'm not going anywhere!!!

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oversized german shepherds

Old Style German Shepherds ? Welcome to my family of German Shepherd Dogs. If you are looking for a German shepherd for the conformation show ring or the German shutzhund ring, I would suggest you go to another web site. My main goal for my breeding program is to bring back what the shepherd used to be. Because I do not focus on showing or sport dogs I can look closely at what is needed for perfect family temperament. I like calm but energetic dogs with no hind end slope, straight top lines (backs) , tight round feet, with large heads, heavy bones, and tall frames typical of the old fashioned shepherds. Yes, my dogs are large, often very large, but size should never be a factor over soundness and OFA certified hips & elbows are of great importance.I also DNA test males free of DM (lose of coordination in the hind end-which starts after breeding age)This is the third largest genetic disease in shepherds. But perhaps even more so is age, the new style German shepherd is dying or being put down much sooner then shepherds from just 20 years ago. the breeding for show and shutzhund also seems to have an effect on genetic health. I am committed to keeping lines that average 12 to 14 years of age. I am also committed to staying very small , I normally have no more then 10 dogs , because my old dogs are not put down because their usefulness is gone. I can see how they grow old. Breeding shepherds and bringing back what they used to be is a passion and commitment not a business for profit.

Links of interest:

A New Site dedicated to breeders who breed the large old fashioned german shepherd the "right way".

The Classic German Shepherd

Really cool links I have done about gsd's you've got to see .

German shepherd history in pictures (see how they have changed from years ago- both German and American show lines)

Why OFA and why you should not buy from breeders who don't!

MY DOG BLOG: Shepherds Rule!

Letter from a recent visitor

Robin, Just wanted to say thanks, we both were very impressed with the size, calmness, and the all around quality of all your dogs.  You have a very impressive quality of German shepherds.  The internet pictures do not do any justice for the size of Cody and silver mark.  There size was very impressive; I loved the color of silver mark.  I also liked the size of Shadow.  My wife was very impressed with the dogs’ acceptance of us to come in and not bark or show aggression.   

for more letters of reference and photos click HERE

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Email or call me @ 641-990-9901

Congrats INDY and MARY (Indy's mom) a Kody /Tina son- for receiving a "rare" OFA Excellent hip rating!


guide dog

Click on photo for larger image & information

Congrats to Zest a certified guide dog pictured with her person -Amber:) Zest is a Falco/Tina daughter


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Video training for house training and to correct bad behaviors of every sort...Click Here!

Potty training in 7 days a manual .Click Here!

These are good links to homemade dog foods

good dog food homemade recipes.....Click Here!

dangers of commercial dogs food..?..Click Here!

Allergies ..I 've been told it works? Click Here!

A pamphlet on Hip-dysplasia from people that have gone through it Click Here!

A- book all about the german shepherd Click Here!

another book for just shepherds .....Click Here!





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