The Female "Stars" of Royalair!

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This is Brandy my first german shepherd. When I first started breeding I tried all the new lines and she made me realize the old lines are what a shepherd should be. I got her to her CDX in obedience and she also was a Therapy dog. Brandy will always be remembered, she lived to 12 years of age. See her pedigree here

black german shepherd

black and silver

Kira (Right) is now retired and a Brandy granddaughter She is ten now ! Kira is also Emma's Mother



Brie ia an Aireal/Falco daughter a really big drop dead lovely old fashioned head the old lines only look like this anymore! She is in Hawkeye and Cody's Pedigree She is the sister to Max ,Sams dad!

Emma is Reno's MOM !She is 9 now and IS RETIRED. SEE HER PEDIGREE HERE

black and red female shepehrd

Falco's mom drop dead gorgeous, big OFA and long lived need I say more ! She was owned by Peggy Dolberg

oversized female shepherd

This is Aireal as you can see she added the "Tall" in the Royalair German Shepherds. She stood nearly 29" inches -this picture is not real good though. She was a skinny 100lbs in this picture. She is found in Hawkeye's and Cody's pedigree.

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If your looking for a wonderful charity that helps both dogs and people here it is , Guide dogs of America! Order the new calendar to see a falco/tina daughter :)

About OFA - Orthopedics Animals foundation of America a foundation for the registering of hips and elbows as well as other genetic diseases it has been extremely helpful to me as a breeder to OFA-certify my dogs. To check out any breeder type in the breed and kennel name such as mine (ROYALAIR)at the web sight above for your own research. If the breeders has been breeding along time you should see lots of names......

About AKC & Other dog registries: AKC is the only All breed registry with a DNA program -Beware of puppy mill registries such as APR (american pet registry), & AKA as well as others. You are supporting puppy mills if you buy a dog with these registries as they are mainly for puppy mill breeders you know what you get with AKC because of inspections and DNA all Buyers beware! good example: two APR kennels close to me raise GSD's both are breeding females that are not german shepherds (they looked like husky crosses) but are registering them as German Shepherds and the registry does not care. I have personally seen it and so have many others support "good breeders" and no matter what the breed buy AKC.

Are you looking for size here's some pointers!

#1. Most breeders of large dog exaggerate by 50 lbs and several inches or more!

#2 . Vet certified weight means nothing if you can't call the vet !

# 3. Size means little if temper , health and longevity are not there !

#4. If they won't let you see the dogs-STAY AWAY!

See this web sight for some other respected breeders of Old time shepherds who are Oversized german shepherds! & lots of info on older lines, pictures and ect....



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