Temperament Test for german shepherds puppies

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Temper Test scores and meanings

****All Royalair adults temper tests are a 3 -2 average, or a 3-4 with threes usually dominant.The number I put first means the dog had more of that number In His/Her score. A good shutzhund dog will test at least 1 or 2 therefore a Royalair shepherd may not be your best bet for shutzhund, even though they have a strong European background- I have gone a different way. But have strived to keep a dog with strong protective instinct, that comes from a different place then a good shutzhund drive ,in which prey or "chase" drives are very important

Description of puppy: Puppy score sheet: Grade:


Social Attraction:________ Following: ___________

Restraint:_________ Social Dominance: __________


Elevation:___________ Retrieving:__________


Touch Sensitivity:__________ Sound Sensitivity:__________




Meanings of your puppies score:

Mostly ones: This dog is very dominant and can have aggressive tendencies. He is quick to bite and is generally considered not good with children or the elderly.When combined with a 1or 2 with touch sensitivity, he will be a difficult dog to train. Not a dog for an inexperienced handler, he will take a competent trainer to establish leadership or dominance over this dog.

Mostly twos: This dog is dominant and can be provoked to bite responds well to firm consistent handling in an adult household, and is likely to be a loyal pet once it respects it's human leader. Often has a bouncy, out going temper but may be to active for the elderly and too dominant for children.

Mostly threes: This dog accepts humans as it's leaders easily. Is the best prospect for the average owner, adapts well to new situations and is generally good with children and the elderly,although may be inclined to be active. Makes a good obedience prospect and usually has a good common sense approach to life.

Mostly fours: This dog is submissive and will adapt to most households. May be less outgoing than a dogs with mostly three's. Gets along well with children and generally trains well.

Mostly fives: This dog is very submissive and needs special handling to bring him "out of his shell" He does not do well in new environments. can be a fear bitter not safe for children.

Mostly sixes: This dog is very independent and will be hard to train, dislikes cuddling and may be hard to establish a "bonding" relationship. Typical temper for Husky's ,Mal's , Shibu's, Akita's ECT.....

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