Royalair's Pandamonium AKA (Panda) OFA good,hips and elbows Dm normal.

Panda is a sweet, outgoing girl or medium energy and has extreme panda like eye circles hence her name (wolf mask) she also may have blue puppies as her mother is my wonderful powder blue Misty... Panda at 10 months below. then at 10 weeks just before she left...both parnets  "good hips "  through OFA and penn hip...Panda was sold as a puppy but I had to take her back because of abuse, she does have scars on her face now that may not go away.. Her wonderful personality is returning..Vet says her hips and elbows look great so OFA is pending... She is DM normal non carrier.Panda weighs a lean 80 lbs at 10 months she should mature well over 90 lbs - so a BIG girl indeed.




This is Mom and dad below dad is huge 30" and 125 lbs

Panda carries for white .... and has strong tri color gene.