Dear Robin,

What a lovely sweet dog Frances is! She's social, gentle, endearing and funny. Loves to play...This is her school picture where she will be part of the reading program now that she passes her test for Therapy Dogs International. She's attended puppy kindergarten and obedience I and II. The instructors called her the dream dog and indeed she is.

Her Aunt Martha (Falco Emma daughter) is in exline but atill holding on. Frances is sweet and gentle with heer and they have invented games to play together. It's wonderful to watch them.

You have no idea how much joy you have given us through our 3 Royalair dogs.They've been remarkable.

I am looking into Veterans programs to work with trauma, paralysis, and amputee victims and their families. With Frances, of course.

Dottie Rochel



Dear Robin,


I am writing because I thought you might like an update on a Royalair dog, even several years on from when we got her.


I took home one of your big, beautiful babies in 2005 and now have enjoyed almost 4 years with her as a fun and trustworthy companion. She is out of a Kody and Tina litter that was born in November of 2004, and grew up initially in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her official name is Royalair's Lioness Rampant CGC, but we just call her Nala. She finally stopped growing at around 91 lbs. and 27" at the shoulder, which causes people to often mistake her for a male - silly, since I think she has such a lovely face.


She took to obedience training well, and has consistently drawn comments on how well-behaved and responsive she is. This makes her a joy to be around, and has allowed me to take her many places and meet people of all ages with confidence. She has a loving and eager nature, and can get veeeery excited about the prospect of a romp in the snow or a run in the country. She is "talkative", and has a variety of silly, expressive sounds from dramatic moaning while waiting for an especially tasty treat, to a conversational sounding mutter - though we've never had a problem with nuisance barking.


In 2006, we decided to move to New Zealand for a time and decided to bring Nala with us. The flight and quarantine were safe and well handled by the various humans, and Nala settled into life happily here, living on various farms where she has had lots of traffic-free places to go and possums to chase. I have attached some pictures so you can see what a great dog she is for yourself.


Thanks for providing such great canine companions, and I hope everyone appreciates theirs as much as we do!



Charity, Chad, and Nal


Hi Robin,


 I a large collection of weight circles from Nikki's puriena food bags and was wondering if you still was needing them. I will send them to you if you want but have lost your mailing address. Also I thought I of would send a new picture Nikki(Kody-Tina daughter, 07/19/06) last vet check showed her at 27.5" and 107 pounds and in perfect health. Thanks again for a great friend.


Joe Scholl






Piper played at the dog beach Sat. with 15 other dogs (big & little)..What a great temperament!

The other pics are how he wakes me up EVERY Day...tough life :)

After owning Shepherds for 33 yrs, my family thinks Piper is the best one I've ever had...and he was the "alpha" of the litter! Great dogs Robin!

                                                                                                                                                                                              Deb Connell




This is Major  from Lance and Lilly's Litter 11-13-09


Major at 9 weeks

Major at 6 months


He is such a good boy!!!! Thank you for doing what you do and giving us such a sweet boy!

Miranda & Eric Borg

Wilton, CA




Hi Robin,

My husband just took this attached picture of Thor (born March 2010, phoenix & shantar). I see you have recently had a ton of puppies, and you expect they'll have eye circles, like Thor. We just love EVERYTHING about our baby. We are such happy customers.

Feel free to show people the picture or direct them to our youtube videos of her if it helps people see what a black and silver from you with eye circles looks like. She's not only a stunning looking dog, but she has a perfect german shepherd personality. She's kind and sweet with small creatures and children, playful with all dogs, and protective and assertive, but not aggressive, of her people and home. She has an amazing, regal look to her, and she's super smart.

when we got her
playing alone at home and then with another german shepherd (more typical coloring) -- GREAT to show the color difference

-- Lara



Hey Robin,


When we picked up Riesig you had said for us to contact you if we were ever interested in adding him to your breeding program. We still are uncertain as to whether or not it's something we would like to do, but we thought we would look into it. We are basically wondering how it all works. I am attaching some pictures of him so you can see him, and really decide if you would even be interested in using him. These pictures were taken today, and he is almost 10 mths. old, 30 inches tall, and about 115-120 lbs.  Thanks!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Haley and Clay Hargrove







We have decided we would love to have one of your girl pups from Riley and Duke, both of whom are very beautiful dogs. Please apply our initial $350.00 deposit to the new pup. We always look forwards to spring and will have even more reason next year now that we have a new baby girl dog coming to join our family.

Kuruk is doing wonderfully. He weights right at 130 pounds, is incredibly gentle, is loved by everyone and does everything we ask of him. He is everything we wanted and more. I've attached a picture taken last Jun when he was about 18 months old. As you can see, he is a big boy.


Ray & Mary Cooper

I just wanted to email you some pictures of Titan in Italy where he will be living for the next 3 years.


He is the son of Duke.


He is very sweet and loves everyone he meets.  Yet to show any aggression to anyone, even other dogs.


I have a 9 month old son that he plays with, no issues.  My son can even take toys out of Titan's mouth with Titan doing nothing.  Titan will take toys from my son and is very gentle when he does it.


No issues, just working to get him to stop jumping which is his only fault.


Attachment one is Titan with me and my son in the Italian Alps.  Attachment two is Titan alone in the Italian Alps.  Attachment three is me an Tital overlooking the valley where Lake Barcis is.


The Jacks in Italy.



Hi, Robin!


It has been awhile, so I thought I'd send a picture of Royalair's Biscuit Lane, CGC, TD, TDX (still haven't entered a VST test). The attached photo is supposedly of my hydrangea bush, but of course somehow it ended up being a picture of Biscuit, as always!  I guess I'm biased.


She's doing great, at 7.5 years of age (already!!??). The neighborhood moms all trust her to check on their babies and small children (she loves to give them "kisses" and clean their faces and hands), and she remains a joy to train. She still can't stand the vet or having her nails trimmed, but other than that she's wonderful in every way. She just LOVES to learn, which is awesome. You had said she was "the thinker of the litter," and you were 100% right about that.


Her little sores I wrote about a year or so ago seem to have been related to a food allergy. She now eats only bison and quinoa, and is doing lots better.We never did figure out exactly what the problem was, but changed her diet drastically (from super-premium kibble to home-made) and it just improved everything. She now eats with enthusiasm, has perfect poops, and is generally more upbeat overall.  Who knew?


We just love her to pieces and, like so many people, wish she would live happily and in perfect health forever. :-)








Hi Robin,


Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know macie is dong very well.  She is the sweetest dog I ever had.  She is a gem.  Last month she was to the vet and she is good and healthey.  She weighted 113 lbs.  She is very long and lean .  Not overweight looking at all.  I hope she don't get to much bigger or her skin will tear.  She already takes up almost half our bed. You are doing a wonderful job we couldn,t be happier.  I am sending a pic.  Hope it comes through for you.  Me kids are in the picture and they are 5'1'' and 100 lbs.  Just for scale.  Anyway have a happy healthy holiday.  Enyjoy your family and keep up the good work.  Michele Marks

Macintosh 488.jpg

river glory daughter line bred kody/silver mark


silver mark pup his feet are bigger then hersJ



I purchased Kota back in January '07.  She was a Kody/Fancy pup.  If I

recall I think that litter might have been an oops...I contacted you back

then because she did have a few health issues, but I wanted to send you

some pictures of her now because she is going strong and is amazing!  I

get so many compliments from people when we are out, about how beautiful

she is (or intimidating to a few people).  She is great with my 2 nieces!

I have attached a few recent pictures of her from this last year.  She

just turned 3 and recently weighed in at 93lbs.  Whenever someone asks me

where I bought my dog, I always give them your name and website!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you,




older female younger male both royalair Happy Couple.jpg


Hi Robin,


Thought you might enjoy reading about my chance encounter with another owner of a Royalaire GSD.


I was walking out of our local Petsmart earlier this week after picking up Kuruk (our 1 year old Royalaire GSD) from the groomers. A lady commented how beautiful he is and said she has 3 GSDogs. She asked if I got him locally and I replied we got him from a breeder in Iowa. She was with another lady and she turned to her and said, "He's a Royalaire"!


She then went on to say how she just knew he was a Royalaire because of his size, straight back and calm demeanor, not to mention how familiar his facial features were. This was a way cool meeting for me. The ladies name is Maria Green and she lives here in Stafford, VA also. She has a female Royalaire that is approaching 2 years of age.


Kuruk is 129lbs at 13 months. He is slender, very tall and very long. Everyone stops and comments how big he is, 80% of the time asking if he is  purebred because of his size. The next comment is always how beautiful and calm and well mannered he is. Ray and I have loved every minute of having him in our lives. We look forward to getting him a sister from you in the next year or so.


All the best to you and your adorable girls.


Mary Cooper



Hi Robin,
Hope all is well with you and your family.  Just thought IÕd send you some pictures of Greta and give you an update.

Greta will be 8 months old March 13, she weight 82.6 pounds at the vet on March 4.  SheÕs a big, solid, muscular girl!  SheÕs a very good natured, affectionate puppy and we just love her.  SheÕs the smartest dog IÕve ever had, she can problem solve and if she sees something once she remembers it.  SheÕs become a very good watchdog and has a DEEP bark and growl, sheÕs very imposing.  At the same time, sheÕs friendly with people when she meets them.  Everybody at our vetÕs office just loves her.  One young gal that works there always says how beautiful Greta is; it was so cute the other day – she told me that she told her boyfriend he should see Greta because sheÕs so beautiful.

I think she looks a lot like Jade, but she sure inherited MarkÕs love of sticks!  When we go outside the first thing she does is look for a stick to carry around.  She likes to throw the stick in the air and jump on it when it lands.  Sometimes she jumps and twists while sheÕs throwing the stick, she has such fun with it!  The other day when it was warm I took an old soccer ball out with us for the first time.  As soon as I put the ball on the ground Greta was bumping it with her nose and then knocking it around with her front legs.  We had quite a workout running around with both of us kicking and chasing the ball.

 We went to puppy class back in October-November.  Greta caught on quickly and did very well.  It was funny – at class other German Shepherd puppy owners wanted to pet her and made a fuss over her which she just loved.  WeÕre going to start basic obedience at the end of March.

 We had a health scare at Christmas, but fortunately Greta is OK now.  On Christmas day Greta started limping with her right front leg, it was worse the day after.  On Dec 27 I got her into the vet, we all thought she probably just strained her leg on the ice.  Turned out she had a 104 degree temperature, her right front leg joint was swollen and tender.  The vet x-rayed her leg and found an extremely large area of calcium loss in the bone due to an infection that had settled in!  We have no idea how this happened since she didnÕt injure herself.  So, the vet put her on an anti-inflammatory medicine and a strong dose antibiotic for 10 days.  When we went back the limp was much better but she still had a fever so she went on another 10 days of the medicines.  She ended up having a 3rd dose of antibiotics.  Early on the vet said Greta could possibly end up at ISU veterinary school for treatment because the leg looked so bad.  Vet said it was a good thing I brought her in right away – thatÕs why she has recovered OK.  IÕm very happy to say that sheÕs just fine now and you canÕt tell anything was wrong with her leg.

I make sure I tell people about your kennel and what a good responsible breeder you are.  I still check your website to see the new puppies.

Take care.

Deb Davidson


Macintosh 001.jpg


Hi Robin!


Just wanted to let you know that our girl (from Knicki-Mark) is doing good - 16wks and 37 pounds!  I was wondering if you could give me the emails of the other people from that litter - I would like to see how the other pups are turning out.  You could give them my email if they prefer it,






Hi Robin,


Thank you so much for talking to me today.  You asked me to email you to remind you to ask a friend about a male puppy she might have.  Will she let me make payments?  I wanted to remind you also I need a dog that isn't related to Knicki/Kody


I want to tell you about Chloe, the little girl I got from you.  She is 28" tall and around 100 lbs(I'm not sure)  this is all unofficial.  I just kind of measured where her shoulder hits me while we are walking.  She is the sweetest dog ever.  I have never heard her growl at anyone or anything, except in play.  I also think she is the most beautiful dog there ever was.  She has a way of looking at you to let you know what she wants. She's  just telling me she loves me in this picture. This picture doesn't do her justice.



I'm kind of worried about my other dog.  Do you think she might hurt a new puppy?  She gets along good with my little male basset.  They have been friends since they were both puppies of course she got along with Chloe for a while too.  (So many things to worry about.)


Again I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and answer all my questions.  Let me know what you find out from your friend.


Thanks so much

Colleen Brotherton


Hi Robin, I just wanted to give you a heads up on our wonderful little guy Bronson Kirk, you know him as Red Collar from Mark and Knicky. He just graduated from basic obedience yesterday and I will send you a picture with his grad cap on. Do I send you the certificate and you send a rebate back or how does that work? Allison and I can't thank you enough everywhere we take him he is THE star of the show. People that have been raising shepherds for years stop us and ask where we got him and tell us he is one of the most gorgeous shepherds they have ever seen. We took him to a street fair this past friday night which is dog friendly and we were literally stopped almost a hundred times by people and he was so well behaved. I have also referred several people to your website so I'm not sure if you've spoken to anyone in the Tampa bay area. He will be 4mos old on Thursday and he will be 40lbs (he's like a little rock) of solid muscle. Anyways I just wanted to say thanks so much for him and we love him so much


Kristin is a breeder of GSD for a long time.This is the funniest, sweetest, and most magnificent dog we have. She'll probably outweigh Hero by the end of this month.  She weighs 95 lbs now and is very close to as tall as Hero. She's an amazing dog and we're very grateful!

Thanks again!

Kristin and family



Lefty at the top of the mountain.  8 months, 103lbs and growing.  Best dog ever.


The Stefans::DSC00368.jpg


Hi Robin!


Hope all is well with you!  Ieeda is doing just great, having a fun summer playing and taking little trips to get out and about.  Been to downtown Omaha, walks and visits, outdoor patio eating, and visits to other friend's homes who have dogs.  She does SOOO good.  I can't say enough about how smart she is at her age, her happy-go-lucky temperament, and simply fearless.  She's SOO willing to do anything you ask of her, even if she's a bit hesitant.  Just lead and she will follow.  She walks great on the leash, comes when called, and sits at my side.  She is starting to find her 'size', as she is wants to begin using herself as a dog-bomb!  Not in a mean way, she just has NO idea how large she is and play with her comes in a BIG wallop!  Sometimes, her feet just keep going when she's trying to slow in her mind.  She has THE most beautiful conformation, stands so nice, and has a colt-like gallop.  She just 'glides'.  Well, until it's time to stop!  ha ha!


Just wanted to give you an update.  We absolutely LOVE her!  She's THE nicest dog I've EVER bought from a US breeder!  And, many over the years have come to me sick, constant meds, skinny, puking, crapping, respiratory, etc.  I've not had ONE issue with Ieeda, EVER!  THANK YOU for your dedication to GREAT breeding ethics!    I know, nothing is 100%, it's a hard, hard thing with nature, but I KNOW you try very, very hard!  Over many, who don't give a crap!


By the way, I did notice that you have Goldie and Kody down for a breeding.  If you would allow, I'd LOVE to have another female, LONG COAT of this pair.  I see I'd maybe be at second pick, which being closer to the top helps with wanting a long coat.  I got SOOOOO lucky with Ieeda, not sure it will happen again, but I'd LOVE to have a pup of this, if you would so allow.  I've wanted a Kody puppy, but need in a litter with a coat opportunity.  Goldie pups are to die for!!  I'd wish I knew earlier, so I could have gotten before the other lady who wants a long coat.  :(    TWO might be hard to come by! 


Anyway, please let me know if it's possible to get on this list!? 


Things have been sooo busy here.  Dogs been swimming, gave some of them 'butt' shavings, leg shavings, etc.  It's SOOO hard to keep this hair out of matts when they are always in the water, rolling in the pasture, etc.  Sometimes, I wish I never changed from standards!  Then, I look at them and go....awwwwwww.  But, it's really a pain sometimes!


We are getting window replacements the next two weeks.  They are very old, some leaking, and some don't even open.  It's been a mess.  I have two families coming to visit this week, and next.  I'm exhausted as it's just too much, especially, with all the other stuff going on and the dogs.  Nice to visit, but so overwhelming to me!


Well, hope your family is good and the girls are enjoying time away from school!  I'd better get back to work now!


Let me know what you think on the Goldie/Kody female, spot two!!  THANKS, ROBIN!!!


Have a great summer and please stay in touch!


Here is a picture of Ieeda looking for fish!



::Ieeda LOVES the lake 0709.jpg




"Life is like a roller coaster.  It goes up and down, makes you scream, and costs a lot to ride."

-Hannah Cheatem, Age 6 010.jpg


Hi Robin,

      Just a quick note to tell you how much we adore our little "Piper."  (Orange collar, Molly/Kody litter).  He is so smart. He learns really fast and as far


as housebreaking goes I have never had a dog so young that knew to go outside. He started crying at the door to go out at about 8 weeks old. He isn't


crated at night but in the room with us and will wake us up to go outside.                                                 


At 8 weeks old we took him to a "breakfast at the farm festival" There were about 500 people and he did just great. He is absolutely fearless, but good


 with other dogs and with people. He weighed 22lbs at 10 weeks (by our scale) but has a vet appt next week. He will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. Even my


husband who wasn't thrilled with me buying him after I lost my job, has really become one of Pipers' biggest fans. Yesterday he bought him a baby pool


 to play in and the dog just loves it. Also, he tells me every day what a good dog he is. So thanks again for a GREAT dog!


                                                                                                                                                       Debi, Pat & Nikki Connell

P.S. Yes, he has bonded with me. I got my mama's boy!

Hello Robin,


We purchased a Shadow/Silver Mark pup back in Oct. 2007.  So that makes Leah about 20 months old right now.  She's doing well - we moved from Florida to North Idaho last September and the cooler climate is way better for Leah :-We live about 2 blocks from the Spokane river where Leah loves to play!  She still is crazy about kids and is so very sweet.  She's doing way better on her fear of other dogs.  We're still working through that, but there has been MUCH improvement.  Just wanted to let you know that we still have her and love her.  She has turned out to be a beautiful dog!  I attached a couple of pics.  One is playing in the first BIG snow and the other waiting patiently for me to come out and play.  She is about 15 months old in the pics so she's actually slightly bigger and more filled out now.


Thanks Again!


Hi Robin,

I know there is no way you could remember me, but I got a dog from you back in Nov of 2000.  Cully (that's his name) was born in Sept (Sept 5th, I think) of 2000.  Falco was his daddy and (I think) Samantha is his mama.  He was the only male born in a litter with 6 sisters.  I thought you'd like to know how he is doing after all these years.  Well, I can tell you he is doing WONDERFUL!!!  Cully is almost 9 years old and most people think he's 2 or 3 years old - yes, THAT'S how good of shape he's in!!!  He never got real big - about 80lds lean (he has stayed lean his whole life - I wish I could say the same : )  his hip and elbows are perfect - he shows NO sign of slowing down or showing his age!  I met my husband a few years after I got Cully and they are best friends, we were blessed to have a little girl 2 years ago and Cully is amazing with her - I have to admit I was a little concerned, because he has always been 'the baby', but there was no jealousy ect he just accepted Abby as part of the family and a new 'pup' to look after!  I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten about Cully over the years - how calm he is, how intelligent, how handsome, how gentle,  ( I even had a trainer tell me it was so nice to meet a GSD that looked 'normal' and wasn't crazy!).  Needless to say I have given your name out to many people over the years and I hope some of them ended up getting one of your shepherds. 

I know when the day comes (hopefully not for many more years) we'll be getting our next dog from your kennel!  I've been meaning to drop you an e-mail for a long time, and finally got around to it.  I guess I just want to say THANK YOU for being a responsible breeder and for preserving and improving the wonderful GSD - with enough breeders like you the German Shepherd has a long and healthy future!  Thanks again for all you do, and if you get a chance please let me know how things are at the kennel ect.

Thanks again,

Anne Wilson (formally Anne Albrecht)