Males in my bloodlines that are no longer used but are heavy in the background. Males can breed often past 9 years so they are normally not retired like my females who retire at 4-6 years old.


Royalair's Falco von Dolberg CD,BH,CGC OFAH&E lived to be 12.5 years

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Large black and red German shepherd


(Deceased 1/93 to 4/2005):Royalair's Falco Von Dolberg C. G. C., BH, C.D. & OFA Hips and elbows - Falco has produced dogs with ability, high level obedience, tons of search & rescue dogs and guide dogs for the blind. There are 6 generations of solid HD free dogs behind his pedigree. He is East German and Dutch lines- .His color is Black & Red, his temperament was the best I have seen as far as an all around dog He was intensely loyal, he would play ball until you dropped, He protected me and my daughter when ever he felt a threat. He was in nursing homes and schools as a therapy dog. His hips & elbows were OFA even though he experienced severe trauma to his hips and back at a year of age. He- in a word- was easy to train and live with. Falco was very large.. he was 28 Inches at the shoulder and ranged between a lean 110-115 lbs , Vet certified weight good lean condition.:Temper 3-2 Falco has passed on now , he lived 12 healthy years

I line breed on falco and his type of temper and look He will live on in his sons and daughters.



Royalair's Kodiak Bear OFA-Good Hips and Elbows DNA Tested Free of the DM Gene(cannot pass it on)(deceased)

Spinal Mylopythy (DM) is the third largest genetic disease in german shepherds it acures in many breeds small and large most people think it is Hip-dyplasia, because it happens in older dogs generally it is a loss of coordination in the hind end slowly progressing to complete loss of use of the hind quarters of the dog. It is the main reason older dogs need to be put to sleep. I am happy to be one of the only breeders in the US to test my males for this most devastating disease.(SEE RESULTS HERE)

Huge black and tan german shepherds

Kody also is a reference sire as he is heavily ingrained in my lines

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Large, Oversized Old-style German shepherd

I lost kody after he ate a dead animal in the timber we walked at it was apparent arsenic poison. Just about everyone that saw Kody in person was impressed with his friendly temperament and happy go- lucky attitude. He's a sweat heart and sticks to me like glue. He is becoming a handsome dog as he matures.. he has that old style head too! The puppies he has been throwing have been big, loyal, and easy to train, He strongly produces himself in looks and size .His Mother is Samantha and his father was a Falco grandson . I have a diahgter and a son of kody.

Kody at 4 years was 31.5 "(78.74cm) and 130lbs(59kg) thin (vet certified weight)


Royalair's Silver Mark - Mark is now in Michigan with Dawn @ Angelic shepherds for his retirement He is now 11 years old

he will live on at Royalair in his children and grandchildren. It was a hard day when he left her.Mark's offspring are with other breeders here in iowa and other States All have massive size bone and head as well as superior temper. OFA EXCELLENT Hips & elbows DM clear

black and silver german shepherd.....





bi-color german shepherd

"INDY" is a Kody(above) /Tina son . Also OFA- Excellent Hips and Elbows -DM test NA (one normal- one carroir)

all females bred to Indy will ne tested Normal first.

owned by Mary and Kelly Vezina from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Indy is a big boy at 4 years old he is about 28 " tall and weighs 110 lbs..He is a laid back sweat dog. He is outgoing and friendly with people . Kelly calls him Mary's Shadow as he follows her everywhere. He is an athletic sound looking dog even for his large size and has that great dark pattern. He should be black Recessive and possibly carry the black and silver gene and white gene as Silver Mark (above) is his Uncle.

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Royalair's Levi Jeans


is now cedar rapids -will be used for maybe one more litter.

Levi is very calm and sweet, you won't find a more gentle sole He is a good sized boy with alot of growing yet to do at two year old he is 110 lbs (underweight at this time )and 29" tall.. His line breeding is Royalair's Kodiak Bear who was 31" 135 lbs click on his picture to see more.Prodly bred by Royalair !

reagal looking german shepherds


Royalair's Silver Blade.. OFA "good"/DM normal N/N -one elbow out. (living with the Rice's)

carries white, black, and silver. A rare true silver a very large 31+" tall 125lbs. He is sweet and soft tempered and throws it. Very sweet not a mean bone in his body.

Proudly bred by Royalair


huge black and silver german shepherds


Royalair's Apollo Apotropaeus for Ardent Haus

Hips Penn-hip good .32 and elbows normal, dm normal

A Royalair's ! SABER son and a Royalair's Duke grandson, carries long coat factor and of course his Both known for their massive heads and good hips.

This dog is owned and resides with an awsome breeder, Waynell, at

Ardent Haus german shepherds ( in Marshalltown Iowa ..




Royalair's Captain Sully II ....Pen Hip 90th percentile"GOOD"DM normal , elbows normal

                                                 Sully is loveing in Oskaloosa with Donna Moniet _ she says he's the very Best dog she has ever had

                                                                                       He is very Large sweet , calm tempered and loveing...HE is a SON of Saber and LUCY

                                                                Proudly bred by Royalair



large red german shepherd