These pups are very large and if they are like the last 2 litters boys will be huge and even the girls will be over 100 lbs looks like the red boy will be a long coat so I have added a picture of his brother at 5.5 months as you can see my long coats are considered more of a brackish coat or heavy plush as opposed to a really long coat.. the lightest boy with be at typical plush Black and Tan of my lines photo also attached at end.except just a touch more plush to his coat . His coat is not as long as his red brother
darkest boy 3
darkest boy
drkest boy2
light plush boy 2
light plush boy 3
light plush boy
orange yellow girl 1
orange yellow girl
orange yellowgirl
purple 2
purple 3
purple girl 1
red boy long coat
red long coat boy 1
red long coat boy
reylong coat pup