Royalair's Silver River of Glory Be C.G.C & TKN, rare silver sable ,he carries for white. He has his Canine Good Citizen and his Trick Dog Novice we are now going on to agility titles. and further obedience titles. His puppies will have these titles in RED behind his name on their akc papers and pedigree. His conformation is excellent so we will also work towrds his UKC championship.

Pen- hipped good elbows normal. silver sable carries for white & black and silver ,no coat factor.(he will not produce long coats..100 % embark clear..Pen -Hip (good).27.35 elbows Normal . last picture farther below at 2 years He is VERY LARGE.. @31.5 +" at the top of the shoulder and a too skinny 122 lbs... I expect in good weight he will be over 140 the age of four.

River's EMBARK

Video of River Practicing agility jumping...


12 weeks

10 weeks

this dog at 8 months is already 30 inches at the shoulder!!!! you can see how tall he is at obedience class below. More picture to come soon.. needs to seroiusly gain some weight right now..



River at 12 months is a very thin 115 lbs and 30.5 " at the shoulder nearly perfect conformation relaxed extended trot below, straight topline, with good extension.

River will climb, jump,& do anything just for fun "NOTHING" scares this dog. Agility is in his future. he has very strong ears that were up very young.

These pictures below show his head and his platinum silver color he even has less tan then his father. River does not carry for long coat so no mater who he is bred to he will not produce long coat. His conformation is nearly perfect for soundness most shepherds shorter backs taller stance of wild Canine's if what nature selects so it is simply intrinsically stronger.. His hips muscles are extremely pwerful. as seen this the last photo standing up on his kennel, you can also see how tall he is that kennel is 6 foot high...



Below you can see his mucsled hind end this much muscle in a GSD hindquarters is rare. you can also see it in the picture above.

He's carries all my greats on both sides :) see pedigree below river below grwoing at 15 motnhs filling out a bit and still likeling to climb on chairs :)

Pics at 15 months ..

close up same pic