Royalair's Winter Rose

outcross lines OFA reports are below ..

I love this dogs temper ! , so sweet, outgoing, loves everyone and very trainable she has these lovely light brown eyes that make you melt and she's Big 28" and 115 lbs at 2 years of age. she should easily by four be well over 120 lbs Now thats a BIG female!

She has a heavy stocky build , with a perfect very sound conformation.straight back and very little angulation.and heavy in the rear end so hard to get in shepherds..Her dad is a red sable and mom was a black and silver . So depending on who she is bred to she will produce tans, reds and silver as well as sables. all should be lighter patterned. Her last two litters with saber have been no less then awsome all have had good hips and all have had incredable easy going , laid back tempers.

photo's at 16 months old

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she has a lovely head !

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photo below at one year big tall dog already


big white shepherds

Even though she is thein you can see how heavy boned this girl is I could not be more pleased with this outcross girl crossed with my lines these pups should be remarkable in size and temper.


Look at those eyes! they make you Melt :) she is now over 100 lbs for sure I will get new weight and photo's on her final OFA's ..

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I beleive this final rateing is wrong, as they looked fine to me ,need to take her back in for finals x-rays again quality of x-ray was very poor, and She was in full heat wich makes hips very sublax as well.To me he hips looked very good , remember sublax is not HD only lax joint as nothing else is checked no remodleing or anything. OFA is strict everything needs to be prefect for them. I often get Sublax through OFA and later on the dogs go "good" later or with another evaluator..