Royalair's Silver Saber C.G.C.,CGCA,TDI also in agility training.

obedience titled and working on more OFA good hips & elbows, DM normal,Cardiac Normal

All four granparents and 6 great grandparents are OFA good or OFA excellent.

BIG BOY!!! 31+" and 125(skinnny)lbs at Three

Royalair's Silver blade X Rosehall's Silver Ziva of Royalair

Saber is out of ZIVA and Blade.. Saber IS DM NORMAL as both parents are and he has been tested free of long coat gene so all of his pups will be short coated.Saber is Happy go lucky very large young male, MY Idea if an EXCELLENT TEMPER out going and friendly loves to give you hugs,(he actually wraps his front legs around you! )and play is his reason for living HE loves children and know's to be carefulll around the elderly (therapy dog extordinair..)..He should carry black as well as true silver. when bred to silver or white..When bred to tans or reds he will throw those colors.. as silver is very recessive..This dog will go very far in obedience I just can't say enough about this dogs Temper it is nearly perfect in every way. See the reference letters (several) below for his full siblings and children TEMPER AND HEALTH- thats what you live with..

huge true silver german shepherds


saber top obedience dog

Saber is the epitimy of old fashioned shepherds Tall straight back and big head!


Video Of Saber at 2 years old doing Obedience


Saber 5 weeks

black and silver puppies for sale

saber at 4 month with great great grandma shadow and uncle duke


saber family


Saber at 18 months He is so tall 31" right now needs to fill out though Cassie is our nieghber she is taking him through 4H obedience

you can see how big he is in this photo I do not exagerate size like so many others..


Photo below show's you the lovely silver color but its hard to see in a photo alot of people don't want silver but quickly chnage their minds wehn the come here

and see the color in person it is hard to capture in a photo..



His head is Massive !

Saber at almost 5 years old just above- you can see how much he has filled out from his younger photo's still lean but probably weighs more the 125 now

Photo's above are under a year photo's below just turned two..

siler german shepherds

large black and silver german shepherd


His pictures don't do him justice he glows in the sun with the silver color

He is a lovely young man with alot of filling out yet to do!

black and silver german shepherds for sale in Illinois


Mid run below


Strength, Beauty & Health I can't ask for more.

big silver german shepherds




Saber is a certified therapy dog as well - he loves people and loves to visit

saber therapy..

Saber at Three Below doing therapy and some casual shots (Starting to fill out!)

huge black and silver german shepherds for sale


as you can see not exagerating about that almost 32" back stands well above the wheel chair arm rests and my daughter is tall girl! visisting a local nursing home he is a certified therapy dog as well

certified therapy german shepherds

therapy certified german shepherds

his visit with his santa suit x-mas of 2016 below

therapy german shepherds

Huge black and silver german shepherd puppies typical saber pup at 8 weeks look at that head and bone! He has had reds and tans too!

Saber/nova pup from first litter Kane @ 15 months now 130 lbs already

huge black and silver erman shepherds

OFA good hips and elbows german shepherds at stud

Cardiac tested german shepherd dogs for sale

DM free german shepherds

odedience titled german shepherds for sale

Saber and Michelle winning frst place at the Obedience she also got first place inbeginner agility (jumpers too) but felt that the judge made a mistake -

she talked to the judge and she gave top jumpers to a great young boy and his dog named poppy - proud of her for her honesty !Good thing she never looks at my websight or she'd kill me lol:)



Michelle and saber winning it all st the fair news paper article


kids german shepherds for sale

Saber doing agility walked right on the equipment first time


large german shepherd doing agilitygerman shepherds for agility


agility german shepherdsagility german shepherds for salex- large german shepherds can do agility

Sabers brother at only 8 months old..below -look at that head! Like this male Saber consistantly produces bigger and better then himself

Black and silver and white german shepherds huge head and bone for sale


Sabers 2 year old brother and letter from owners

Good Morning Robin,

I figured since Max just turned 2 I'd update you. He was born on 17 Dec 2012, to Blaze and Ziva. Had him at the vet's on Monday and he weighed in at 120 pounds, so his weight has been pretty steady for the past few months, but he has grown taller. Currently he likes to rest his chin on the dining room table when he watches me on the laptop. Always ready in case there is an opportunity to be pet. Loves riding in the car, and gets along great with other dogs, but still apprehensive with new people, or with someone he hasn't seen in a while. I always bring treats with me to help with the introductions. Loves going with me to different businesses (where allowed) and has never been a problem. Great on hikes, and he carries his own backpack and supplies. The picture was taken this morning while he was waiting for his breakfast. As you can see, the silver is starting to really show. We get stopped all the time when we're out and about because of his looks, and I'm always asked if it's ok for them to take his picture because they've never seen another German Shepherd like him. I've had too many offers to sell him to count. The vet's office is really surprised at his disposition because he takes the poking and proding without incident considering his size. As always there are people worried about him because of his size, but they soon learn their fears are unfounded. Overall I'd have to say he's been a great dog.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas,

Mike Matesowicz



SABER"S BROTHER BELOW- saber has thrown very dark pups too!

huge black and silvers for sale

Saber sons from his first litter out of a very small female ! Both at 10 months old are over 100 lbs and 30 " high at the shoulder .

The rare tri color sable male is 105 lbs the black and silver 115 at 10 months old. These males are owned by Dawn Malcom at Angelic German Shepherds

Look at those heads! out of a female with a tiny head!

black and silver male...tri color sable maletri colir german shepherd


blakc and silver and sable german shepherds

another letter from two males our of saber's dad and full brother

Well tyson (blade /treasure )litter turns 1 this week and he is one big boy  so far. he was at the vet this week for a nail trim and they weighed and measured him he is 118.3lbs and 31 1/2 inches and hunter (duke /hazel ) litter is 127lbs and 30inches at 17 months they are happy, funny,smart,and beatuiful . they love love love to play in the snow. When we take them for walks they strut like the world is looking at them.(and most people do cuz of their size )again we cant thank you enough for our boys Connie Ganow

A good reference on another full brother

Hi Robin,

About two years ago, I started researching buying another GSD, as ours was getting older. I wanted to get another puppy before he passed away, so that our older dog could help raise the puppy.

After a while, I found your website, and looked through it, repeatedly.
I was impressed by what you detailed. Large GSDs, with calm temperaments, good health, and long lives. I then researched your reputation. (I am a trained investigator, being suspicious is a career hazard.) I could only find one, single complaint....and it was that you are not producing "breed standard" dogs.

I wasn't really looking for a "breed standard" GSD....I was looking for more. Another white shepherd, with a straight back and good hips. I called you, and discussed what I was looking for....A large white GSD, with a good protective drive, lower prey drive, and a mellow disposition.

Well, it is a year later....And we have gotten far more that what I had hoped for. Physically, he is an amazing example of a German Shepherd. He is a solid 125 pounds, with incredible muscle tone, and a massive head. (He has yet to start filling out. I expect him to be at least 140 pounds.) In all honesty, I have been a bit startled by how quickly he grew, and how large he has become.

My veterinarian, who has been practicing for 35 years, has remarked that she has never seen another dog like him. She is very impressed with his bone structure, his stance, and how proportional he is. His strong, straight back; his massive head, his size, and his strength are all things that she has noted. She has suggested that I breed him, because she believes that it would be a shame not to pass his genetics on...

He is, quite simply...... stunning.

When we take him out in public, he creates quite a stir. People routinely approach us to compliment him, and how beautiful he is. He has been described as "gorgeous", "regal", and "majestic".

The fact that our eight year old can control him in public only adds to people's fascination with him. He is very obedient, and was easy to train....He is very intelligent. He is affectionate, very loving, and very playful. Despite his size, he is quite gentle with those he loves.

His protective drive is very appropriate. He is wary of strangers until properly introduced. He physically places himself between my children and other people. After being taught by our older shepherd, he now regularly patrols the perimeter of our property.

I have included a few pictures. Unfortunately, it is hard to get good angles of him, because he thinks my taking pictures is some sort of game. The pictures truly do not do him any justice.

We will be picking up another puppy from you. Quite frankly, I think that you have managed to produce amazing examples of what GSDs should be....Large and powerful; extremely intelligent, loyal and gentle; superior health and longevity, with a very appropriate protective drive. You have surpassed all of my expectations, and our family thanks you....because you have given us a wonderful addition to it.

Andrew Sadowski.

3/4 sister to saber 9 month old

black and silver german shepherds




tan saber pup