Rosehall-Royalair's Shelby

OFA good hips and Normal elbows She is also DN normal -non carroir

Shelby is a lovely dog in look,size and health. She is Middle to calm in energy level and Because she is alot "Royalair" by bloodline she is a BIG girl! she is 28" and a lean 110 lbs at 2. that should translate to 110 by four years age so a big girl in deed..She is smart and very athletic even for her size and can jump very high. and can run like the wind. She loves people and children and super easy to train. She is also Brave nothing rattles her..She is a tricolor with silver tan and red in her pattern.. when bred to slver she will produce silver if bred to a red or tan she will produce all tans or red's as silver is so recessive.She may also produce white pups if bred to a male who carries white.She also may carry for solid black. super long OFA background.


Below you can see her very correct conformation shedding heavily though. Hope to get more photo's when she is shedded out, she is a heavy boned girl


akc shelby

Moses her dad a really really Big shepherd who is Duke's uncle and looks alot like duke except Bigger at 32" and 145 lbs lean (you always measure size at the shoulder rather then wieght a dog cannot be 120 lbs or more and not be very over weight unless he is at least 30" at the shoulder..Her mom is a large white shepherd wich is where her tri color comes from.. because of her white color she is likely to through lighter patternswhen bred to levi basically most pups will look like him.. because he does not carry silver or white..Both shelby's parent information can be seen at Rosehall German Shepherds

photos of moses is below (they say look at grandpa for size- well as you can see :)32" and lean 145 lbs OFA good hips

huge german shepherds

Photo's of MOM below ...yes she is BIG too 100 + lbs!

very large white german shepherds

OFA certified gsd


ofa certified elbows on a german shepherd


shelby dm