Great Prairies Shiloh of Royalair

Large Red Sable , this girl is large and fire engine red.. She is out of Mylee and Gunner lost of size behind her line and excellent temper She is satying with Lori Chedister and I co own this Girl with Lori so I will be selling her litters Lori will be raising them untill four to five weeks old .. then they willl come here for the final weeks..She is DM normal and OFA good hips and elbows just like both of her parents.. One fantastic girl here with cooper she will through large red sbales and black and reds.. long coats are possible.

More pics to come this is her at 7 months old.


Gunner at three is now 127 lbs (DAD)

Mylee at 2 is 87 lbs you can see where the deep red comes from :)