Royalair's Silver Rose DM normal good hips and elbows DM Normal(Saber CGCA cardiac OFA good hips elbows DM normal..X Rose outcross female)

She is calm, laid back, and sweet as the day is long..

Picture at 5 months She is going to be a BIG girl!

large black and silver german shepherds for sale



Was trying to find a conversion to the OFA equivalent, with no luck so here's what I came up with. Since we

are really only concerned with the normal range for the breed, Logically:0.250 to 0.397 = Excellent,

0.398 to 0.545 = Good, & 0.546 to 0.69 = Fair. Anything better than 0.249 is obviously rare right now, but

would be Superb if OFA were to go there. She is normal and is almost excellent as the norm stands. This scale

will shift over time, hopefully toward the lower end of the scale, if breeders continue to persevere in the

efforts to improve this trait. Based on this data,

This was the only conversion I could find on the net.