Steadfasts-Royalair's Silver Struck C.G.C.(Stryker)

DM normal,carries for White,Black & Silver, Silver Sable & wolf/reverse masks & long coat

normal elbows through ofa prelims, Pen Hip in the 90th percentile (good)

Big Silver sable male all Royalair by bloodline! He should be BIG his dad is a very large white Male(STRIDER, OFA GOOD)out of Royalair's ziva(royalair) and Royalair's Silver blade (royalair) (BOTH OFA GOOD)and Mom is a Duke (royalair)(OFA EXCELLENT)and treasure daughter(steelcross) (OFA GOOD) Large size will not be a problem for this boy pictured below.

Dad and Mom owned by the Sadowski's (Steadfast German Shepherds)in VA

silver sable geramn shepherd


large silver sable wolf sabe german shepherd

look at that head already!

Large silver sables  old world german sepherds


Stryker at 4 months with a 7 month old female good big dog already.

at 4 months...

silver sable german shepherds wolf masked german shepherds

6 months

stryker at 8 months below

yes his is tall 30 " at 10 month gonna be a big boy :) all picture below at 10 months of age.

Make you want to sing thie song Happy :) shot really gets his personality.

yeh his head is large too :)

look at that wonderful athletic conformation, staight back and straight legs..

pics at one year outside you can he he glows silver


Big silver sable german old world style

He actually injured his left hip when Saber body slamed him at four months of age(he was sore for along time!).so that is why the one hip is a little looser but as you can see it is still pretty good :) but of course they grade to the lowest hip grade. From what I have been told His one uninjured hip would be equivelent to OFA good to excellent ,the Other would be fair.