Royalair's Captain Sully II

DM normal, prelim elbows normal though OFA ,Pen-Hip in the 90th percentile Meaning (Good to excellent) Sully will stay with his co-owner in Milo Iowa

black and red, Saber Son BIG already with a monster Head ! He is DM normal as both parents are.all four grand parents are OFA'd ....At 1st day of 11 month he weighed a very lean 110lbs! This boy will be bigger then dad~he has more wieght the freedom at that age and freedom is 150 lbs so a big boy indeed...

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11 weeks

5 months... 75 lbs

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one ear up ! other one should by up by 6 months of age.

sully at 10months below as you can see his ribs in picture below , 29 + inches growing very fast

Sully at one year below look at head neck and chest of this boy.. !

still tall and gawky but gettng there tri color very red in back silver cream in front

Latest picture his tri color has gotten more extreme this is a casual pic at Aimes Vet hopspital being bred to faylene...

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From what I have been told his rateing would be equivelant to a "good"