Royalair's Captain Sully, black and red, Saber Son BIG already with a monster Head ! He is DM normal as both parents are.all four grand parents are OFA'd and both Parents ...Prelim hips and elbows looked good, but were poor quality and he recieved "SUBLAX" from OFA for his hips normal (good/normal )on elbows..His dad also received sublax on prelims and recieved a "Good" at Two years old..It is due to fast growth for hips to be sublax .At 1st day of his ninth month he weighed a very lean 113lbs! This boy will be bigger then dad~he has more wieght the freedom at that age and freedom is 150 lbs so a big boy indeed...

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11 weeks

5 months... 75 lbs

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one ear up ! other one should by up by 6 months of age.

7 month old and I would geuss he pushing 90 lbs or more and 28+" gonna be a big boy I would say at least 31" and 130 lbs on the lean side, very large head too...


You can see his size in the two pics below the bottom pic the tv stand is 32" high and five feet long.

you can see how big he is here at months the TV stand is 36" and five feet long


look at those lovley red brown eyes..

sully 9 months below and 113 skinny lbs as you can see his ribs in picture below , 29 + inches growing very fast


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