Upcoming & Planned litters

full year 2018

Beginning in 2019 I will no longer ship puppies.via.. airline.. 150 off the price of your puppy if you pick up here..

delivery at least 1/2 way will be an option. at a cost of 350 for a drive 5-8 hours.600 a pup 10-15 hours from Iowa. I will not use overground shippers they "ALWAYS" deliver sick pups and it takes often more the a week ,either I or my husband will deliver directly to you...

This page has litters that are planned for the next 18 months. It looks like a lot of litters but they are split over a full year and a half & about 10% of them won't happen for various reasons as well. I generally have 8 to 10 litters a year 50 % are my own 50% are co- owned

See them below mid- page Planned litters between the two blue lines

Visitors always welcome! $150 off if you can pick up in person !

Alot of breeders would rather just ship you a pup so you cannot see the place, the dogs, and most often temperament in person, So visit !  If you do not like the dogs, me or the property you don't have to get a puppy.

Another $150 off also if you are a member of the military, past, future or present.   Thankyou for your service

Email is prefered, Texting is prefered over calling   641-990-9901..EMAIL: royalairshepherds@gmail.com.

Email is the best way to contact me :)

e-mail does not always work so if you do not hear from me in 36 hours call..


Deposit (non-refundable)

Don't have a pay pal account?? and want to use a credit card ?Use this Link ....



Price generally for males is 2350 females 1650 if you can pick up your dog here(much prefered) -150 off!!

full akc (breeding) is 350 extra. both males and females

You will be very unlikley to find puppies cheaper that have OFA hips & elbows & dm tested & Temper certifiied/trained parents! If you do let me know I may by one :)remeber always you live with temper first!

How do I purchase a puppy- Pricing/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign) just past into and e-mail and sign electronically or print and send with deposit..

why a guarantee ?

See my You Tube Page with all my dogs and family


Finally the amva(American veterinary association) AGREE"S early spay before 2yrs is not good..

2017 litters planned $350 dollar Deposit is required to reserve.

Deposit is Non- refunable but can always be tranfered to another litter.



Planned litters between the two blue lines

Click on the BLUE names if you want to see more photo's & genetic tests of the parents.


2018 Litters whole year will be doing less litters per year now and be doing no co -owned litters...Retireing will be Rosie this fall(3 years old )and Nova this winter(4 years old)let me know if your interested in these girls .Lucy(3 years old)will be going to my aunt and will also retire so posted litter will be her last.


Nova to Blade...  Due jan 5th.. BUT  we only got one very short tie, so I would suggest all get on another litter as well.....

Male 1...Jim Ornalik....Female 1....Emily Roberts or breeder or

Male 2....Billy Pelican.......Female 2....Jason Raines

Male 3...Christopher Tiu...Female 3...Dawn Mcdonough

Male 4....Brenda larson.(may move)..Female...Sandy young..male or female

Tawny Tyler male.....Pam Huerta......Gena Lor male




Jetta to Logan or Saber or styker this list will only be for people who lost out last two litter due to not enough pups



Lucy to Logan....OR .Stryker.... Large black and reds some tans possible..if styker red sables! and long coats possible!This may be lucy's last litter she is going to live with my aunt..sweet very laid back tempers' very athletic bodies .all dm normal LUCY LOOKING FOR RETIREMENT HOME AFTER THIS LITTER

Breeber Has option to be first pick

Male 1...Stewart Jensen..Female 1......breeder

Male 2..Dara mccully...Female 2.....Valerie Hughes

Male 3....Michael Mckeeman ....Female 3....Stewert Jensen

Male 4... irene white..female 4...Stacy Watkins  or Melanie Sheets

Eileen Stamp male or female asap



Ivy to Stryker...Both parents OFA or Pennhips/elbows and DM normal..Large whites, Silver sables and black and silvers long coats are possible in any combo of colors.. Pups will be middle to high energy and a more portective nature extremly loyal family pets.. flashy platinum silvers and wolf maks are also possible..

Male 1...Rebecca Rogers...Female 1.....Kathy Dunlap neal

Male 2...Kim Wice (1000)....Female 2......Henry and Deborah Wilette

Male 3..Randi Lykon...Female 3....Kelly Judy

Male 4...Diane Magyar(500)......female 4....Tracy Klemm...

tawny tyler male...............Gena Lor male

Eileen Stamp  Male or female asap


Faith..... to... Sully.... or Logan...Both OFA and dm normal...X-Large black and reds or tans with calm laid back tempers

Male 1...Joe Russo....Female 1....Marcia A. Stephens

Male 2..Pam Moody...Female 2.....dave and jacque read.

Male 3..Jennifer & Adam Heist...Female 3... Melanie Sheets

Male 4..LouAnn Hare.....female 4..Kristine Bacon..

Irene white ...male..............female 5... Shari Pratt


Shelby.... to... Stryker.. black and silvers, silver sables, whites and long coats in any color possible. With big heads and massive bodies...Pups will be middle to high energy and a more portective nature extremly loyal family pets.. flashy platinum silvers and wolf maks are also possible..

Male 1..J stephen.....Female 1.....Rebecca Rogers

Male 2...Harriss Hasket....Female 2....Sandy Lewis (silver edition)

Male 3..Fred Marshall.....Female 3....Rachel Kenyon.

Male 4..Stacy Earl....female 4....kathy dunlap neal

male 5.....Gena Lor male.....

tawny tyler male


Misty... to ..Logan....Black and tans and blue and maybe livers should be powder blues like misty...they may be all blues if I use moose..Both OFA good hips and elbows all DM normal if I use logan, sweet loveing tempers low to medium energy levels. very athletic bodies..

Male 1...Jim Lyons...Female 1......Jan Green or breeder

Male 2..Abbie Milligan.....Female 2.......joan lee...

Male 3....Justin Vick..(blue).....Female 3... Hailey Van Hulst

Male 4...Tawny Tyler...female 4....stacy Lane orSusan and Ron Markowski

Male 5...Douglas Purcell

.Stacy lane FEMALE (last pick option)

markerSunshine.... to..Logan....Lovely black and tans with reds , sweet laid back tempers..Both DM normal both OFA hips and elbows...

Male 1...Brandon Lyons,...Female 1.....Emily Roberts

Male 2...Whitney Macormic-Brestovansky. ...Female 2...Shannon Flaherty

Male 3...Constance M Lemos ...Female 3....Andi bagely(may move)

Male 4..Irene white .female 4....Gary and Mary Sudakoff(may move)stacy watkins

Male 5...Douglas Purcell


Faylene...to......Sully... ..Both DM normal OFA good..Large black and tans and reds, soft tempers medium energies..lower and softer energies with Logan.

Male 1...breeder (may move).Female 1.....breeder

Male 2..Eliot Leathe....Female 2....Dave & Susan Koble

Male 3....Eric Barr.....Female 3....Gary and Mary Sudakoff(may move)

Male 4.....Yibin Tang...female 4.Hailey Van Hulst(may move)stacy watkins

Male 5...Douglas Purcell



CoCo to.. Logan .or...Blue's, livers and black and tans/reds...BIG DOGS soft calm tempers and lovely color...Both OFA good ..hips & elbows

male 1..Breeder(may move)...Female.. breeder..or jan green

Male 2..Reginald and Megan.(liver)....Female 2....Jan green

Male 3...Gail Ostrye ...Female 3...Ritta Terril and Matthew Smith....

Male 4...Kristine Bacon.....female 4...Shari Pratt..pending


summer 2018

Mylee to Sully 2018- deep black and reds soft sweet tempers very large black and reds..OFA good hips & elbows on prelims DM- normal , more details to come on mom.This will be a distant line breeding on duke, and carry saber blade and lucy's line all my greatest..

Male 1...Pam Gerkin...Female 1.....Breeder

Male 2....Joe Garry.....Female 2....Martha Koch

Male  3...Robert Hauswirth  .or Rhea Hepler..Female 3...Available

Jetta to .Logan ... possible solid blacks, & blues' depending on who bred to... large laid back girl..OFA good hips & elbows on prelims DM- normal... carrying my old lines silver mark and kodiak bear with logan carries duke and freedom as well... all my old greats ..

Male 1...Breeder......Female 1.......Breeder...

Male 2...Whiteney L. Macormic...Female 2....Nancy Reid..black wanted

Male 3....Alex Bright...Female 3...Sandy Young.

Male 4....Rhea Hepler...Female 4....Steve Crosby  female 5..Harriet Stone...

For late 2020 silver mark and Falco litters are planned via frozen semen Bridgette B for silver mark male .jack Miller male falco female 1st pick Marcia A. Stephens...laura applegait female falco


My breeders Pledge:

I will never breed two DM carroirs together or any dog who tested AT RISK

I will always OFA, or Pen hips-x-ray hips ..I will show all results on the dogs webpage-so you don't have to ask or wonder if I am telling the truth..

if I choose an outcross male who the owner has not done OFA's I will clearly state that.(this is sometimes necessary as so few people OFA, And outcrossing alot is imparative) I will aways DM tests outcross males as that is more important then hip- xrays.

I will never breed a dog who is too hyper or agressive for a normal family.

I will never repeat a breeding(same mother & father) that has had two known genetic issues in the last litter.

I will never breed a female beyond 6 years of age or a male beyond 8.(most of my females retire by 3 to 4 years old)

(congenital disease in puppies double in older parent dogs, it's much better to start young and end young!)

I will always honor my written contract.

How do I purchase a puppy ? Price/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign)

why a guarantee ?

See more about moms and dads on Females , and Males page.

I do except pay pal now that allows people to pay with credit card on line or on time payments:)

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