Upcoming & Planned litters

Text or call no voicemails my phone gives them to me a month late!

641-990-9901 or email royalairshepherds@gmail.com

  2023-24 planned litters...

IMPORTANT CHANGE : on 1/2/2023 & Males will be 2600and females 2,200 deposit will stay at 500

Pick up in person discount....$ 200 so if you pick up here a male is 2,400 and a female is 2000..prices..... deposits sent before may 1st 2022 will stay at old price.Breeding rights are offered on a limited, approval only basis for $500 extra....

MILITARY/POLICE DISCOUNT- 200! for retired/family or present service if your picking up the biggest discount you can get for both is 300... sorry just can't afford more then that....

full three year gaurentee...

  For MY dogs wait list is about 1 years at this time. Please be aware of this before you put down a deposit I have only 4-6 litters a year PICKING UP IN PERSON PREFERRED & 200 off if you do! I will no longer ship puppies.via.. airline.. alone,you are welcome to fly here and then fly back with your puppy or hire puppy nanny or other representative to fly the pup to you as well..Delivery at least 1/2 way or full way will be an option. at a cost 500 per pup for a drive 5-6 hours..600-1200 a pup 8-16 hours from Iowa. meeting at a place close to you or door to door...either I or my husband or a good friend will deliver directly to you.. and since an airline puppy nanny charges 600-700 per pup its a pretty good deal :) SO far we have delivered all over the country!! and Puppies get directly to you normally in 1--2 DAYs..

Just in case you don't already know, any breeder who will not let you come on their property and see the dogs and where/how they are kept Run Away..NEVER agree to meet your breeder at a different location!

if you have not already seen their place it could be a scam or a place you do not want to buy from..useing the excuse of disease is just a ploy used to keep you from seeing the property or parent dogs in person..

Planned litters are below between the two blue lines

Visitors always welcome! 200$ off if you can pick up here in person.!!

Email is preferred, Texting is preferred over calling   641-990-9901..EMAIL: royalairshepherds@gmail.com

Email is the best way to contact me :)

e-mail does not always work so if you do not hear from me in 36 hours call..

main links: Puppies available........Dads Page.....Moms page.....Older dogs pups available.....upcomming litters

I have venmo or paypal please email or text 641-990-9901 for the link!
......500$ Deposit is Non- refundable but can always be transferred to another litter

...............PLEASE PAY THE 3% fee that Both Venmo & Pay Pal charge me , THANKS!...........


Texting or email is preferred to phone calls 641-990-9901..

EMAIL is the best way to get ahold of me:) royalairshepherds@gmail.com

Visitors always welcome! close places to stay

2023 prices ..Males will be 2,600and females 2,200 deposit will stay at 500

MILITARY/POLICE DISCOUNT- 200 off! for retired/family or nurse Thank you for your service!!

Thankyou for your service ,America would not be who she is without you!

Donate to Gred rides for charity , Proudly run by a Saber son & his owner:)

My Guarantee (everyone must sign) just past into and e-mail and sign electronically or print and send with deposit.. why a guarantee ?

See my You Tube Page with all my dogs and family......VIDEO A MUST WATCH....


Planned litters between the two blue lines

Click on the BLUE names if you want to see more photo's & genetic tests of the parents. I

have only 4-6 litters a year so early reservations are recomended.

NOTICE !!! Everyone keeps changing minds on their spots please before you tell me which litter to put you on and remeber no more then two litters and only if your are spot 3 or below , you have two spots only if you rare getting two puppies.. So please keep to your spot if at all possible.



GRACIEC.G.C TO BEN.C.G.C, TKN..or maybe .Jasper....2023...late fall.all. black and tans/reds all short coats.. super calm sweet and laid back pups of large size will be this litter, line breeding will be the great DUKE..Jasper breeder will keep both a male and a female

Male 1...Merrill and Jason Clark....... female 1..Krystal Kurtz.

Male 2....Connie Cielenski.. female.. 2.Mike J....

Male 3....Jacob T.....female 3...Jeffery woodard

male 4....Bruce and Jill Chaskin........female..4...Brooke Lands/Blake Bradford

female 5.... deb miller... darrel cope female

Kathleen and Micheal Boyd male


Knicki (cooper daugher) to. Ben.CGC,TKN..2023...Knicki is DUE NOV 1 ready to go december 22nd.. should be bred in the next 1st week of septmber 2023!.Black and reds and solid black.....Large Massive heads, stocky thick bodies with a more laid back temper...Should be deep reds like Cooper! Knicki will be looking for a new home after this litter with a breeder or pet home.. she is a GOOD DOG!

Male 1..Riannah ward...Hunter alfredFemale 1...breeder..

Male 2....Julian Martin..jon armstrong.Female 2...breeder...Tina Issa ? Kalasini

Male 3....Nate Griggs.....Female 3...Jen Clow ...

Male 4.....Mckenzie Moskowitz....Female 4....Deana Hatch

Kathleen and Micheal Boyd male...darrel cope female


Lacey to ... RIVER.or Ruger.....spring...2024....Black and silvers..Silver sables. and white!..will retire 2024

Deposist for white pups still available..

Male 1....Nicole Marziani....silver female 1..Breeder....Heather glass white only

Male 2....Ri 'anna Ward..silver.......female.. 2..Donna Everly.silver wanted...Mary Rainer.

Male 3..Elaine Bontempi white..female 3..Bill Walters and Elizabeth Snyde

Male 4..Bridgette B..Erin washington.. will take female..female 4.... Kelly sheets....

Nicole Marziani if silver


Baily.(Not with me)(Black and red/tan )..to...Ben.CGC,TKN......Spring 2024....Blue's , black and tans/Reds and white all possible..no long coats..Thick stocky dogs expected with massive heads...THIS FEMALE IS ON A CO-ownership and will only be here during puppy time,,

Male 1...Jason Mccully.......Female 1...Zoe Gadegbeku (Blue. female.)

Male 2...Sarah Egnatowicz.....Female 2...Jamie Collado

Male3...Tina Issa....Female3 ..Kristin Whittlesey....

Male 4...Kathleen and Micheal Boyd

.Female....Denna Hatch or Deb & Joe Miller.....female...darrel cope female

2024 litters ---

jon armstrong next litter


Arwin to..RIVER. ....2024 spring silver and silver sable more pics of Arwin up soon.. may keep a male

Male 1...Ray Montoya..Female 1...Tiara Muggulla..

Male 2...Jacob Lewis...Female 2...Kelly Sheets..

Male 3....Sarah Damm (silver sable).Female 3..Bill Walters and Elizabeth Snyde

Male 4...Erin Washington...will take female....Female 4...Marie Rainer..

Kathleen and Micheal Boyd....(may move)


Piper toRiver.. 2024.. early summer....

Male 1...Bridgett B......Female1....Breeder.....

Male 2...Chad Blackburn ......Female 2....Mary Rainer..

Male 3..Shannon Powers......Female 3..Erin Grout...

Male 4...Kathleen and Micheal Boyd.....Female 4....AVAILABLE....


Charlette (black and red )or BEN..or..Jasper...C.G.C,TKN..2024 summer Ben for blues.black and tans or reds calm laid back pup expected.

Male 1...Breeder....Female 1......Breeder....

Male 2...Jonathon Lawes......Female 2....Kalasini?

Male 3....Joyce Rasnick........Female 3.....lezli Budge...

Male 4....AVAILABLE.......Female 4......AVAILABLE...

How do I purchase a puppy ? Price/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign)

why a guarantee ?

See more about moms and dads on Females , and Males page.

I do except pay pal now that allows people to pay with credit card on line or on time payments:)

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