Upcoming & Planned litters

  2021 planned litters! Taking deposits for open spots for 2021.

2022- New Girls will be up, retiring girls will be Panda & Jetta

  For MY dogs wait list is about 1 year at this time. Please be aware of this before you put down a deposit I have only 5-7 litters a year .

PICKING UP IN PERSON PREFERRED & 200 off if you do! I will no longer ship puppies.via.. airline.. alone,you are welcome to fly here and then fly back with your puppy or hire puppy nanny or other representative to fly the pup to you as well..Delivery at least 1/2 way or full way will be an option. at a cost 500 per pup for a drive 5-6 hours..600-1200 a pup 8-16 hours from Iowa. meeting at a place close to you or door to door...I will not use overground shippers they "Nearly ALWAYS" deliver sick pups and it takes often more the a week for the pup to get there.,either I or my husband or a good friend will deliver directly to you.. and since an airline puppy nanny charges 600-700 per pup its a pretty good deal :) SO far we have delivered all over the country!! and Puppies get directly to you normally in 1--2 DAYs..

Planned litters are below between the two blue lines

Visitors always welcome! 200$ off if you can pick up here in person.!!

Email is preferred, Texting is preferred over calling   641-990-9901..EMAIL: royalairshepherds@gmail.com.

Email is the best way to contact me :)

e-mail does not always work so if you do not hear from me in 36 hours call..

main links: Puppies available........Dads Page.....Moms page.....Older dogs pups available.....upcomming litters

Deposit (non-refundable)

Don't have a pay pal account?? and want to use a credit card ?Use this Link ....



I also have Venmo now!


Notice of price change :Females are $2,000 males $2500 . -200 if you can pick up in person! last pick options"sometimes available" in very large litters for -500 $..I only average 5-7 litters a year so early reservations are recommended...Breeding rights unlimited paperwork can be provided for 500 extra with a promise of doing pen-hip first,will no longer except ofa.

MILITARY/POLICE DISCOUNT- 200! for retired/family or present service

Thankyou for your service ,American would not be who she is without you!

You will be very unlikley to find puppies cheaper that have OFA hips & elbows & dm tested & Temper certifiied/trained parents! If you do let me know I may by one :)remeber always you live with temper first!

How do I purchase a puppy- Pricing/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign) just past into and e-mail and sign electronically or print and send with deposit..

why a guarantee ?

See my You Tube Page with all my dogs and family


Finally the amva(American veterinary association) AGREE"S early spay before 2yrs is not good..

$500 dollar Deposit is required to reserve.

Deposit is Non- refundable but can always be transferred to another litter.



Planned litters between the two blue lines

Click on the BLUE names if you want to see more photo's & genetic tests of the parents. 

NOTICE !!! Everyone keeps changing minds on their spots please before you tell me which litter to put you on and remeber no more then two litters and only if your are spot 3 or below can you have two spots unless you are getting two puppies.. So please keep to your spot if at all possible my brain cannot remeber everyones wishes and everyone says I was before that person ect.. so to make things more fair and easier please make a carefull choice on which litter as soon as you make your deposit! Thankyou..:)


REY ( duke/levi grandaughter.to Cooper....Due ..February  22 nd.....These pups will be large and CALM. & black and red with massive heads!..protective natures..

Male 1...Tiffiny LU...Female 1....Colleen McIntyre Berenott or Joe brown

male 2.. Michelle Demille.....Female 2....Randi Lykon.

Male 3...Mary Olson.....female 3...Dave Grippo..

Male 4.. Jeff thysell ...female 4.....Gary Whitemore..

male 5...John Reeves....


Rose ..to Stryker.. .. 2021 summer.....Large black and silvers....and solid blacks..will be a cool breeding with massive size.

Male 1..Bridget B......Female 1..Lori and Tom Greyerbiehl (PIF) 

male 2..Sara Egnatowicz..Female 2....Michelle Klenotic

Male 3...MIcheal and Naomi MAHAN....female 3...Nicole Radomski

Male 4....Jamie carlson... female 4..Dave weber

male. 5....Michelle Demille..(may move).


Lacey (white blade daughter).to Stryker.. ....2021 spring.Large black and silvers....and silver sables.... and alot of whites!

Male 1..janet .Rachel Kenyon ..Female 1...Mary Rainer (may move)

male 2...Marleen Bachand.(may move)..brian strandt..Female 2....Jean Bryant

Male 3.....Jamie Carlson....female 2-3...Dan Paxton

male 4 ....Chris Crescimano white maleFemale 3...Paritosh Shinha 

Female 4..... Available (white)


Katie .to Big RIg...OR Brutus....summer.2021..very large .black and tans silver sables and black and reds.. Stephanie Hue solid black..

Male 1....Kathy holt.. or breeder Female 1...Breeder

male 2... Janet patrick..Female 2...John o'hara.

Male 3..Marleen Bachand....female 3....Andrea Lutes..

Male 4...Myron Bond.. female 4...Amy Nelson

male.....Michelle Demille..(may move).


BULL C.G.C. Therapy dog....TO SKY....Huge .black and reds and tans...Strong but soft ,calm, family style tempers should be all short coated.Family pet and therapy dogs..  Will be bred and raised at Summers dogs in Northwest Arkansas area

Male 1....Breeder.....Female 1.......Mary Rainer (may move)

Male 2..Jessica Elliot.....Female 2........David Grippo

Male 3..Brian Strandt.. ...Female 3.......spencer sarver.

Male 4...Sandy Young....Female 4....Paritosh Shinha..


LAYLA C.G.C TO Stryker......C.G.C.Both parents have canine good citizens...Black and reds/Tans and sables- both short and long coats expected BIG dogs soft calm  tempers.Family Pet extraordinaire..Or therapy dog possibilities
Will be bred and raised at Summers dogs in Northwest Arkansas area

Male 1....Breeder.....Female 1....Breeder....

Male 2...Service dog......Female 2......Jessica Lynn.

Male 3...Pen Pi-T.....Female 3....Available..

Male 4..Venesa Rangel...female 4....Available....

Male 5...Kimberly Lankelma.


Jetta  to  Stryker....  Long coats! sables and black and tans.....Super long line wonderful from this breeding

Mixed with incredible tempers ...(jetta will retire after this litter...)

Male 1...christina walter.(co-own)...Female 1......Breeder

Male 2.....Luke Nelson.....Female 2....Kalasani Venkateshwarlu...

Male 3....Bridget B..(may MOve)...Brian Strandt..Female 3........Dan and Becky Beckly......

male 4 ....Armando Borges.....female 4.....Available


REY to  Big Rig.......Not placing this litter until January

Male 1.....Stephanie Hue.(may move)..Brian srtandt. if moves.Female 1.....lavern sharpley..

Male 2.....John Lucas.(may move)..Female 2.....Nan Kopina

Male 3...Michelle and Ronald Demille .... female 3.....Available

Male 4...Armando Borges......Female 4...Available..

Male 3-5... Venesa Rangel..


Panda to  "Stryker" ...MaybeBrutus...same litter that produced katie...awsome dogs in temper and size...(Panda will retire after this litter ..)

Male 1.....Paula @StewART Jensen....Female 1.......BREEDER. or nan Kopina

Male 2....Jeff Thysell...(may move)...Female 2......Robin Leiendecker

Male 3....Brett Litwiller....Female 3.........Mary Rainer....

Male 4....Available........Female 4.....Available


Lacey to Silver Mark...or River... frozen semen litters are very expensive! males and females will be 3,200 each all should be black and silver. some possible solid blacks.

Male 1....Breeder.....Female 1......Breeder.

Male 2.....Bridgett B....Female 2.......EBB king.

Male 3....Lezli Budge.....Female 3......Nicole Marziani....

Male 4...Kimberly Lankelma....Female 4....Available. 





How do I purchase a puppy ? Price/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign)

why a guarantee ?

See more about moms and dads on Females , and Males page.

I do except pay pal now that allows people to pay with credit card on line or on time payments:)

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