Upcoming & Planned litters

2019-to spring 2020 planned litters!

PICKING UP IN PERSON PREFERED & 150 off if you do! I will no longer ship puppies.via.. airline.. alone,you are welcome to fly here and then fly back with your puppy or hire puppy nanny or other represenatative to fly the pup to you as well..Delivery at least 1/2 way or full way will be an option. at a cost 500 per pup for a drive 5-6 hours..600-1200 a pup 8-16 hours from Iowa. meeting at a place close to you or door to door...I will not use overground shippers they "Nearly ALWAYS" deliver sick pups and it takes often more the a week for the pup to get there.,either I or my husband or a good freind will deliver directly to you.. and since an airline puppy nanny charges 600-700 per pup its a pretty good deal :) SO far we have delivered all over the country!! and Puppies get directly to you normally in 1 DAY..

Planned litters are below between the two blue lines

Visitors always welcome! 150$ off if you can pick up here in person.!!

Email is prefered, Texting is prefered over calling   641-990-9901..EMAIL: royalairshepherds@gmail.com.

Email is the best way to contact me :)

e-mail does not always work so if you do not hear from me in 36 hours call..

Older dogs or puppies for sale

Deposit (non-refundable)

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Price generally males is 2450, females 1750. .Full breeding rights for any puppy DM clear only will be 400 extra... Last pick of the litter options are avaiable for some large litters deduction of 500 both male and female but you must wait untill last pick..

Notice of price change :: deposit reseved after 7/1/2019 males will be 2600, females 2000

breeding rights will be 500 extra. last pick option will be 500 less, military& pickup discount will be 200.

if you qualify for both total off will be 300.

Discounts for our wonderful Military&police & their families, who protect and serve us all


You will be very unlikley to find puppies cheaper that have OFA hips & elbows & dm tested & Temper certifiied/trained parents! If you do let me know I may by one :)remeber always you live with temper first!

How do I purchase a puppy- Pricing/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign) just past into and e-mail and sign electronically or print and send with deposit..

why a guarantee ?

See my You Tube Page with all my dogs and family


Finally the amva(American veterinary association) AGREE"S early spay before 2yrs is not good..

$350 dollar Deposit is required to reserve.

Deposit is Non- refunable but can always be transfered to another litter.



Planned litters between the two blue lines

Click on the BLUE names if you want to see more photo's & genetic tests of the parents. 


for litter already born and new photo's of your pups see page 10!...


Josey to Cooper ...Due May 13 th ...Large black and reds and tans.. should have awsome size and temper. middle to low evergy's sweet, goofy, soft personalties..

Male 1...Joe Brown..Melissa Olthoff ..Female 1...breeder or rebecca

Male 2....Mike Klien.........Female 2....Steve Crosby

Male 3......Beth Neidrauer......Female 3.....John Griffith

Male 4....Christy Woods... ...Female 4.....Ann staton,will take male..donna downs any extra or backouts

New pic of cooper 11 months and 102 lbs


Mylee to Cooper.. Due June 1st......Deep black and reds with good large size and should have wonderful temper's middle energy..

Male 1....Alexa Collins......Female 1....Racheal Rose Hershey

Male 2...Kaia Chalstrom...........Female 2...Emily Roberts

Male 3...Susan Murry-May. ....Female 3....Lori Greyerbiehl.

Male 4...Beth Neidrauer..Female 4..Ann station or donna downs

Ann staton,will take male..donna downs any extra or backouts

edan stryker.... Muban Ansari.


Panda ....to...Logan or... Cooper .....black and tans / black and red....wonderful middle of the road energies expected... for this litter please let me know preference as logan will have blue pups styker will not! if you want blue possibilities let me know.

Male 1... Emily roberts...Female 1.. breeder

Male 2...Blane Long.&Cheryl Long Strohman...Female 2....Michele Paparello .

Male 3..Andi bagley...Female 3.....Nan Kopina...(may move)

Male 4..Tawny Tyer..Female 4..James Swegle male or female blue

James Swegle male or female blue


Misty to.Logan..or Stryker. ....Just a wow litter with temper and and sound bodies with anyone with misty. Most of the pups should be black and tans /silvers or silver sables w-p0ph stryker and white also possible...with Logan blue possible and all black and tans reds .

Male 1...Stacie daugherty ..Female 1.. breeder..

Male 2..Melissa Olthoff....Female 2...Joan Lee

Male 3...Justin Vick..Female 3...Nan Kopina.. (may move).

Male 4....Constance Lemos..Female 4.. Bettie Macvey ...

James Swegle male or female blue


late fall /winter 2019 Ella ... to Stryker. ...Large calm black and silver and silver sables and white's NO long coats in this litter

Male 1....J stephen.(dara).Female 1....David & Susan Koble

Male 2..Bill and Elain milles............Female 2... Dian Magyar

Male 3..shelia marten westbrook..Female 3.... Shantel Sherman

.male 4..James Wheeler and Andrea Cruser....Female 4...Brad Lalk..

male 5....Clayton Rensink....or top 2020

edan litter 1st male.....muban.. female me....


Emma to Logan or Freedom??for spring 2020 black and red or tan... short coats with sully or logan but may use a male who carries for coat.She is to closely related to cooper as coopers mother is her sires sister..

.....Male 1....Clayton Rensink..... ......female 1....Gary Kreder...

....Male 2...Marlia Mansfield.... Female 2.... Marlia mansfeild

....Male 3...Chris and Laura Sams.. Female 3......Kathy Brinkman

...Male 4...Maryann Morris..or female if enough......Female 4.....Melissa Slaughter

male dark Bud and rebecca renken


Ella ..2020 will be bred to silver mark frozen semen.... females will be 2000- males 2500- no discounts

male 1 .....Breeder.........female 1.......Breeder

male 2....Bridgette B.......female 2.....chuck Freeland..

Male 3......Dara Mccully.......Female 3.....Joe Brown...

Male 4......Jason Brooks pending......Female 4.....Mitzi Brooks..

male dark Bud and rebecca renken


Jetta and Stryker spring 2020...

Male 1....Racheal..Kenyon......female 1....breeder

Male 2...Dara Mccully....female 2 ..Gary Kreder.

Male 3... Scott Sadler......female 3... Available

Male 4...Karl Dorwart

male dark Bud and rebecca renken


Josey to Stryker... OR ?.Apollo....Very Large ..black and silver's & silver sables, soft but protective tempers.. This will be josey's last litter.. looking to retire in 2020...

Male 1...breeder ..Female 1....Breeder....

Male 2..Maryann Morris .....Female 2.....Brad Lalk.

Male 3....COLE RANALLO...Female 3...Melissa Slaughter.

Christie woods .....................Female 4....Donna Downs  .

male....Patricia Ronald

Luara apple gait falco frozen semen.......................

EDAN... Litter muban1st pick male.

How do I purchase a puppy ? Price/shipping & seeing my dogs/ worming and vaccinations

My Guarantee (everyone must sign)

why a guarantee ?

See more about moms and dads on Females , and Males page.

I do except pay pal now that allows people to pay with credit card on line or on time payments:)

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Through my 36 years of breeding shepherds I have found the perfect little dog too.. Just starting in 2020..:) I will always do shepherds but I do love my two little ones and will have a litter on occasion with them.. I have done alot of research on this very rare cross and could not be more pleased with mine. She is my shadow ..Check her out on the link below.. She and Saber are best of buds too as well as the ultimate therapy dog pair...And that I am now over 55 They are a little easier and don't shed! Check them out at..


love this video...





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