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Shadow the foundation of my whites I do not breed for whites but since they are in the background of my lines I do get white frequently. Since my whites come from "collored parents" They tend to have dark pigment . Like the rest of my dogs they are large much larger then most white shepherds. they also have a more regal head with more of a back stop- (larger scull)-then most white shepherds. who tend to have a straightline from center of head to end of nose.

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Pheonix and shantar white female as a young adult

huge white shepherd

Letter form her owner Ellie at one year.

Hi, Robin. We'll get you some pictures soon (as the semester is ending and we're grading, etc.). Ellie is a wonderful, beautiful dog, about 100 pounds and still growing, who allows my son to sleep with her in her bed every night. They cuddle and play about two hours a day, giving Diane and me some time. And all Ellie wants for babysitting is a slab of bacon.

My son Mikayle was asked what Ellie means to him for this e-mail, and he said: "Love"

More white pics to come!

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Very cute male pup with his new owner! out of Silver

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